New In (December)

I'm super late with this post, since it's almost the middle of the January, but it doesn't matter, because I know you like these posts. Today I'm going to share with you products I bought in December. First part of my haul, which was a Graz haul, you can see here. December was a month to spend money like it's nobody's business. Now let's see what I got.

Let's start with a "secret gift" I received. I joined a Secret Santa project that was organized by Živa from Nothin' Fancy Really in our group Slovenian Bloggers on Facebook. Each of us got a present for one blogger and mine Santa was Tjaša from Ajda&Tjaša's Beauty Corner. She got me all these beauties you see on photo. I got some nail supplies, nail stickers, Misslyn nail polish Naughty Girl in and NYX butter gloss in Vanilla Cream Pie. 

Next is new Deborah Milano palette Secret of the Smokey Eyes Nude Rose. I bought it for a half of the price with a DM coupon. It's such a lovely palette and colors are interesting as well. I will review it, I have all photos and swatches prepared, but I won't promise when review will be up, because always when I promise something, something else comes in between. But I'll try to do it as soon as possible, because I bet some of you are interested in this review. :)

Other product(s) I bought with a DM coupon for a half of the price is a set of Gliss Hair Repair Million Gloss products. It was a great deal and I wanted to try Million Gloss shampoo and conditioner, so I had to take this chance and get them. I think I paid around 7 € for a whole set with a coupon, I actually don't remember anymore, but it wasn't much. I haven't tried any of the products yet, first I have to finish products I'm using now.

Soraya surprised me with a 10 € coupon back in November and I used it in December. I bought their So Pretty peeling, which is really amazing. It cleans the skin perfectly and it makes it so soft. I also like that it doesn't dry it. I'll maybe review it after longer usage. Then I decided to try Hyaluronic Micro-Injection 100% serum. I use it for about a month now and it's good but I have to admit it didn't beat Balea Aqua serum, which I still prefer. The last product I put in my shopping basket is their hydrating mask. I haven' tried it yet, but I hope it'll be good, because it's very expensive, 10 ml cost around 4  €.

It looks like in December I was buying only on sales or with coupons. In Tuš drugstore Deborah Milano Gel Effect polishes were 50 % off and I had to take shades 01 and 10 with me. 01 is such a gorgeous nude shade and 10 is a coral shade. Not to mention how great formula these have.

You go to see the movie, you still have a half an hour before the movie begins and you go to DM to buy some nail polishes - that's a life of a beauty blogger. :P I always love good shopping at DM. They had 1+1 offer on Essie polishes and I got Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low and In Stiches. Both are gorgeous shade. I also bought L'Oreal Laetitia, which is a pretty dark red shade with tiny shimmer. The other thing I took with me is their vintage inspired cream 50's Forever. Mateja raved about it and her words convinced me to get it. This cream literally smells like cherry, it sinks into skin fast and makes it soft and moisturized. On Destination Pretty I ordered Seche Vite fast drying top coat.

On Click2Chic I ordered a beauty box, in which I received 7 products. I already reviewed it, so more about it here.

Born Pretty Store send me few products to test: Christmas water decals you saw here, stamping plate 18 and flower designed water stickers. 

I also placed an order at Born Pretty Store. I need nail wheels for swatching nail polishes for different posts (comparisons ...) or doing nail art tutorials. I also ordered some knuckle rings, which were very cheap, around 1-1,5 €. I like them, but they are small. Most of them fit on my pinkie or ring finger. I guess Asian girls have very thin fingers. Other thing I ordered from BPS is Christmas plate that came one day before Christmas, so I couldn't create many Christmas manicures, but it'll come handy next year this year.

What did you get in December? Thank you for reading!