My Favourite Beauty Products of 2014

A bit later that I planned but here's my second post of Year 2014 on Taya My Little Beauty World. In this one I'm going to talk about products that stole my heart in 2014 and I think I worth mentioning. I have a long list. I tried to shorten it, but each of these products impressed me that way or another, so it deserves to be mentioned. I hope you'll enjoy in this very long post. :)

Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition lipsticks
Bourjois definitely made a great job with these. Nice selection of colors (I own four of them), good formula that doesn't dry the lips and matte finish are definitely a perfect combination. The pigmentation depends from shade to shade, but most of them need two coats. I always feel like I'm applying a silk on my lips when I'm applying them. I reviewed Ping Pong here, I'm wearing Frambourjoise here

P2 Baker Street
This is definitely my top lip product discovery of the year. Beside an amazing shade this lipstick has a very good formula that doesn't dry the lips and the duration time on lips is amazing, together with stain it lasted around 6 hours on my lips. Read a detailed review here.

Catrice Mauve Your Lips
For a person that likes bold lipsticks I wore this one a lot. It's a nice mauve shade that can be combined with any makeup look, has a semi-matte finish, moisturizes the lips a bit and it suits my skin tone, which is important, because some nude lipsticks look horrible on me. Review here.

Essence Adorable Matt
Meet my favourite red lipstick of 2014. Amazing pigmentation, formula, semi-matte finish, good longevity, doesn't feel drying on lips. Essence definitely made a great job with it. Review here.

Catrice Lip Smoothers
For a lip glosses fan these are a total win. Although all three shades look similar on lips, these gave a nice color to the lips, are moisturizing and feel good on lips. They smell very sweet and also taste sweet. Review here and here.  

Catrice Mandy-rine
The blush that totally blew my mind. I'd probably never buy it myself, but I got it on Cosnova event and felt in love with it already after first usage. It's a matte peachy shade, much pigmented and longlasting. What I love about it is that I can combine it with any look I want, from bold eyes and nude lips to nude eyes and red lips, and it'll look good combined with them. 

Catrice Coral Me Maybe
Another Catrice blush that won my heart. Coral shades are actually my favourite, so it's not a surprise that this one won me over. I just recently reviewed it, so you can read more about it here

Sleek blushes (Life's Peach, Pomegranate)
Sleek can do a matte or shimmery blush and you can expect a great product from them. Life's Peach is a matte peachy shade and Pomegranate is a raspberry red shimmery shade; both have great pigmentation and last a whole day on my cheeks. I also love their black matte packaging, especially because each contains a mirror. Sleek blushes cost around 6 € (8g) and are totally worth the money. 

Sleek Face Form Kit Fair
A kit that contains a bronzer, highlighter and a blush. Although I do like a highlighter a lot as well, my favourite from the kit is blush Rose Gold, following by bronzer. Rose Gold is a coral shade with golden shimmer, amazingly pigmented and longlasting. It's more of a summery shade. Bronzer is a matte brown shade that I use for contouring by every look I wear.

Essence How to Make Your Brows Wow
I never imagined I'm going to like this palette so much. Okay, actually one shade from it to be honest. I use Lift Me Up! highlighter occasionaly for highlighting my brow bone and Love Brunettes frequently to fill in my brows. It's just a perfect brown shade that matches my hair (but no so my brows which are more dark grey). You can read a review of this palette here.

Essence Soo Glow! Look on the Bright Side highlighter
This is a vanilla shade cream highlighter that can be applied with fingers or a brush. It blends nicely to the skin and it gives it an amazing glow. More about this highlighter here

Catrice Nude Illusion Nude Ivory
I won't say that this foundation replaced my favourite Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, but it's on a second place on my list of favourite foundations. It's a medium opaque foundation that drys matte on skin and it lasts for a whole working day; when set with powder even longer. I personally don't have any problems with skin and this foundation also doesn't cause me any. The lightest shade Nude Ivory is a perfect match for my skin in summer, but now in winter it's a bit too dark for me, so I started to mix it with white Makeup Revolution The One foundation.

L'Oreal Lumi Magique primer
A product that can be used as primer, mixed with foundation or a highlighter. I personally love it the most as primer. It's a white product that becomes transparent when you apply it on skin, but it leaves such a nice healthy glow on it. It definitely helps prolonging the duration of foundation, but I mostly use it in colder months, because in summer it tends to close my pores and then foundation just slipps from my skin when it's hot and I sweat.

Essence Lash Princess mascara
My new favourite mascara. I love it a lot, because it's drier than I Love Extreme mascara, but it provides similar effect on my lashes. It gives them nice volume, separates them and doesn't cause panda eyes. It's not as easy to remove as I Love Extreme, but two-phased removers remove everything.

Makeup Revolution Hot Smoked palette
I'm not a fan of Makeup Revolution palettes in general, because their eyeshadow tend to crease on my lids despite eyeshadow primer, although I have normal lids (no oils what so ever), but I love this palette because of gorgeous shade selection. There are matte and shimmery shades, bright for daily looks and dark for bolder, smokey looks, but a whole palette is "me". Of course, these are great pigmented and although I'm not using it every day, it's definitely one of my favourite purchases of the year. Review here.

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette
Another amazing palette that was constantly on my eyes in the summer. It has 8 beautiful eyeshadows that are so pigmented, last all day and don't crease. Reveiw here.

Catrice Velvet Matt eyeshadows (Vanillaty Fair, Al Burgundy)
Catrice made such a good job with Velvet Matt eyeshadows. They have everything - nice silky formula, great pigmentation, interesting selection of colors (although I'm hoping on even bigger selection), last long on eyes, blend easy and don't crease. You can read my review here.

Zoeva brushes (Silk Finish, Concealer Buff)
This was a love at first usage. At the moment I own only two Zoeva  brushes, but I have a feeling my collection will grow soon. Both brushes are so soft and they do what they promise amazingly. I reviewed them on my blog in December, so read more about each brush here.

Ebelin blending brush
I got this recently, but felt in love immediately. It's very soft blending brush, dense and it makes its job perfectly. I use it to blend together eyeshadows on a transition point or to blend eyeshadow on brow bone and make it softer. It's even better than Essence blending brush, which is harder, less dense and can sometimes blend eyeshadow too much out.

Ecotools eyeliner brush
I actually thought I bought this brush in 2013, but no, it's was a 2014 purchase. I use it for filling my brows in and it's so good. It has soft bristles and it's so precise.

This is a rough scrub that removes dead skin perfectly, makes skin soft, silky and nourished. The film that it leaves after showering I usually don't remove with shower gel, because when I wipe myself with a towel there stays a nice soft moisturizing feeling on the skin, which I specially like when my skin is drier, because it makes sure my skin gets enough moisture and it also leaves a pleasant scent.

Afrodita Jojoba Oil with shea butter shower gel
To me this shower gel smells very similar and pleasant as sugar scrub. It's an oily shower gel that makes sure the skin will feel great after showering, nourished and not dry at all.

Yves Rocher Cocoa&Orange shower gel
How could someone not love a shower gel that smells like chocolate? Beside amazing scent it also nourishes the skin nicely and it's definitely one of my favourite shower gels ever.

Rexona Longlasting Protection Shower Fresh deodorant
Deodorant that doesn't irritate my skin, protects it from sweating and bad scent and actually works a whole day won me over. Usually deodorants stop working for me after second bottle, but I'm already using a third Rexona bottle and it still works the same. 

Although this is multipurpose dry oil, I mostly use it to moisture my skin on my body. Occasionally I also use it on my face, but I'm kind of afraid to use oils on my face, because I don't want to get any brake outs. Well, this one didn't cause any yet. It moistures the skin, makes it soft and it leaves such an amazing scent. 

Afrodita Clean Phase Ultra Moisturize tonic 
I wasn't using tonics for a while now, but I heard good things about Afrodita tonics and I had to try one myself as well. I got the one for dry and sensitive skin. It's so good that it ended on my list of favourite products of 2014. It's gentle, it provides extra moisture and it also feels so refreshing on the skin. I use it after I wash my face with cleanser, then I wait few minutes that it sinks into the skin and then I use a serum and a cream.

A solution for even the driest skin around. It's a thicker cream that has a strong herbal scent (not my favourite), but it works wonders. Because it's thicker it takes longer to sink into the skin, so I mostly use it at night. And because it's greasier, I usually apply it only on the dry parts of my skin, like around my nose, but never all over a whole face. It also works great on other parts of my body, like on elbows.

La Roche-Posay Hydrene Legere face cream
This is a moisturizing face cream for sensitive skin. My skin isn't as much sentitive as it needs moisture and this cream provides it. It's very light and it sinks into the skin fast. It moisturize it for a whole day and it also works good as a base for makeup.

Greenland Fruit Emotions Lime-Vanilla hand cream
This is one of my favourite hand creams, because despite it's light texture it moisturizes the skin very well. It sinks into the skin fast and make my hands soft and nourished. I also like the combination of lime and vanilla, because the scent is very fresh. 

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor
I have dry ends and I'm always searching for products that would provide them moisture. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor, favourite of many, is also favourite of mine. It works wonders on my ends, it provides them needed moisture and makes them soft and silky. I recently wrote about this conditioner here.

Essence Studio Nails nail hardener
My nails were always weak and they break easily. Essence Studio Nails nail hardener is a life nail saver. I use it as a base coat, because usually using treatments the way brands recommend doesn't help me, and I noticed that my nails are stronger and grow very fast since I use it. Plus, is also very affordable. I hope Essence will never discontinue it.

Which were your favourite products of 2014? Thank you for reading!

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  1. Najprej Happy New Year :)
    Mava par podobnih favoritov :)
    Bom pa nekatere, ki si jih omenila še probala :) Tole maskaro od essence pa tekoči puder od catrice definitivno. Zadnje čase sem skušala porabiti čim več maskar pa pudrov, da naredim mal prostora za nove :) xo

    1. Hvala enako. :)
      Jaz sem skoraj vse maskare vrgla stran, mislim, da mi je poleg te ostala le še Miyo. Pride pa zdaj nova, ki naj bi dala še več volumna, tako da komaj čakam, da tisto preizkusim. :)

  2. I loooove the ebelin blending brush!

  3. YAY I'm so glad some essence products are here! *_* I didn't try the essence nail hardener, I swear by eveline 8in1. :D

    1. I was using Eveline before as well, but telling the truth I like Essence better. :)

  4. is this candle from Lidl? I just got some a few weeks back, I'm loving them. also, great recommendations of products, we agree on a lot of things.

    1. Yes, it is. It's the last one I have. I took advanted of it to take some photos, but now I already burnt it. :)

  5. Morem sprobat to Essence maskaro, če praviš da je bolj suha kot I ♥ Extreme. A Ebelin blending brush se kupi pri nas? Je še nisem videla v našem DMu

    1. Jp, bolj suha in naredi skoraj isti efekt, pa manj jih zlepi. Ne, tale Ebelin čopič sem kupila v Avstriji, ga ni pri nas. Saj naš DM tistih najbolj popularnih Ebelin čopičev itak ne prodaja.

  6. SO many great products on this list, some of them I already use and some of them are on to buy list. I'll try nail hardener from Essence, I watched it today in drugstore and decided not to buy because I haven't heard anyone use it :)

    1. Thank you. :) Some of my friends use it and all say it's great, so I think you're going to like it too. :)

  7. uu res dobri izdelki :)) nekatere imam sama in so mi dobro ali celo odlični, tako da super post.:))


  8. Kera osvežitev je gledat ene favorite iz 2014, ker prevladujejo "drugstore" stvari :) Ravno sem gledala vse te videe od Britanskih blogerk, pri katerih je skupni znesek izdelkov iz njihovega izbora stane toliko kot rabljen avto. Just made me sad... Veliko skupnih najljubših izdelkov imava, ene par jih bom šla pa še preverit :)

    1. Saj zame itak veš, da sem "drugstore buyer". Nekako se vedno težko prepričam, da bi dala visoko vsoto denarja za en izdelek (nimaš pojma, kako sem se borila sama s sabo v Macu, ko sem razmišljala, če bi še vzela kak izdelek (hint: blush), pa mi je notranji glas govoril, saj podobne odtenke že imaš, ne rabiš). Sem pa nekaj videov videla tudi jaz in pri te,m si včasih mislim, zakaj stalno favorizirajo dražje izdelke, če se zavedajo, da jih gleda ogromno punc, ki si tega ne more privoščiti.
      Sem pa vedno vesela, ko nama je isti izdelek všeč. <3

  9. Super objava :) veliko je izdelkov, ki so tudi meni top (sem ugotovila, da sem jih kar nekaj pozabila vključiti v objavo)

  10. Veliko izdelkov tudi jaz obožujem, čeprav vsi niso pristali v najljubših iz leta 2014. Vsakič ko vidim Sleek Face Form se spomnim, da ga moram dati na seznam želja:). Pa tudi Weleda Skin Food je toliko opevan, ampak ker sama nisem preveč nora na nakupe krem, se nikoli ne pripravim do tega, da bi dejansko kupila :).

    1. Jaz po moje Skin Food tudi ne bi kupila, če lansko zimo ne bi imela ful problemov s suho kožo okrog nosu. Letos jih na srečo nimam (še *trkampolesu), ampak lani je res rešila moje težave. :)

  11. super su favoriti :D moram konacno probat ovu essence maskaru