My Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Eyeshadow Collection

I rather won't mention, when I started to prepare this post. Khmm ... It's been almost a year since I uploaded photos for this post in Blogger, but then never wrote it. Some eyeshadows were discontinued meanwhile, but I decided to mention them anyway. This is more like a collection post than a proper review. Also, three of the shades I'm mentioning today (Talk Like an Egyptian, Vanilla&Charles, Shade of Grey) are leaving soon, so I thought I'd share swatches with you if you'd like to get some before they'll be completely gone.
I got them at Catrice and Essence event two years ago and before that I didn't try any, so I didn't know what to expect. Catrice mono eyeshadows are a hit or a miss - they have very different quality, some are better pigmented, some less, some eyeshadows fall out (metallic), but they do apply easy, are easy to blend, they don't crease on me and they last a whole day on my lids.

Vanilla&Charles is a vanilla shade with tiny shimmer. It's very silky, not very powdery, but it's pigmentation isn't the best. I mostly use this shade as a highlighter under my brow bone.

Ice White Open is a white matte eyeshadow, better pigmented than Vanilla&Charles, but again not enough for me to use it on the lid, when I want more exposed white. But it's a good highlighting color.

Next one is Ooops ... Nude Did It Again!, which is a beige nude shade. This is a great eyeshadow comparing to other two. Silky and soft, not powdery at all and very good pigmented. It's a perfect highlighting color for inner corner of the eye, because it's a satin shade and it really opens my eyes.

Shade of Grey is actually a taupe shade (more noticeable in person than on photos). It's has the same gorgeous formula as Ooops ... Nude Did It Again! and it's nicely pigmented.

Snoop Dovey Dove (discontinued) is a grey eyeshadow with a satin finish and good pigmentation. I actually have no idea why I took this eyeshadow, because I'm not really a fan of grey on my lids.

Jeans Dean (discontinued) is a dark blue shade with tiny shimmer. Its pigmentation is okay, but nothing amazing. 

Carrots of the Caribbean (discontinued) is an orange matte eyeshadow with tiny shimmer. Its pigmentation is also okay, but nothing special. Catrice can do it better.

Don't Touch My Mosserati is a metallic green shade with an amazing pigmentation. It does fall out, but I don't mind, it's really an amazing shade. It's my second favourite of the bunch.

My First Copperware Party is my favourite of them all. Not because it should be a dupe for Mac Satin Taupe, but because it's really an amazing eyeshadow. It has an amazing pigmentation and I specially like to use it in crease, when I'm wearing quick everyday makeup. It's silky, soft, easy to blend and it doesn't fall out.

Plum Up the Jam is nicely pigmented plummy shade with golden glitter, which isn't as noticeable when is applied as it is in the packaging (especially when you remove first layer).

I Like to Mauve It is a metallic mauve shade with an amazing pigmentation. It's silky, soft, but it does fall out. It's such a nice everyday shade, I don't know why I don't use it more.

Talk Like an Egyptian, a golden metallic shade, is the worse Catrice eyeshadow I tried because of its strange formula. It's badly pigmented and hard to apply on lids, because I can't achieve an even look if I don't have any base underneath. I have no idea what's the point of doing one bad metallic shade when you do amazing job with others.

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour eyeshadows contain 2 g and they costs 2,89 €. I definitely recommend you to swatch them in the store, before you're going to buy them, because the quality isn't the same by all shades, some are great and some are a total miss. I'd definitely recommend My First Copperware Party and Don't Touch My Mosserati. I also find I Like to Mauve It and Ooops ... Nude Did It Again! very nice.

Do you own any Absolute Eye Colour eyeshadow? Whic one is your favourite? Thank you for reading!