New In (November 2014)

It's like I'm still in October, I constantly write October favourites, October new in. Geez, Tatjana, it's the end of November, in two days the most festive month of the year will began - December. Are you excited for December as I am? I'm doing Blogmas, Christmas challenge, I'm going on a Christmas trip in Graz ... It's going to be fun. But I won't bore you anymore, let's see what I got during November. 

First are some random stuff, I guess. I bought Ebelin makeup wipes, which are very useful while swatching or doing makeup. Then I bought some products from Afrodita: Jojoba Oil shower gel (which I love), Micellar Solution (it's good) and a tonic, which was recommended by many bloggers and now I see why, it's really good. I have the one for dry skin and it really helps moisturizing the skin. 
Do you ever buy a product because of a cute packaging? I do. That's why I bought La Habana shower gel, because it has a gorgeous vintage packaging. :)

It happens so many times to me that I buy a new lip balm and after few usages I lose it somewhere. So I purchased two extra lip balms to have them on my desk near computer. I got Maybelline Electro Baby Lips Pink Shock and Strike a Rose. I heard that these are better than "regular" Maybelline Baby Lips, but I wouldn't agree. I personally find them less moisturizing, but they definitely have better pigmentation. Because girl can never have enough brushes I got two more Essence Eye Blender brushes. Blending is very important, you know. :) From Born Pretty Store I received plate 03 as a giveaway prize and I loved it so much, that I presented it as a part of my November favourites.  

This month I received two P2 products from Moja drogerija for testing: nail polish Crazy Beauty and Glow Up! highlighter High Beam. We also got a chance to buy Zoeva brushes with a discount and I decided for Concealer Buffer and Silk Finish. I love both brushes a lot. Now I definitely see why Zoeva brushes are so praised, the quality of their brushes is really high. Of course you can expect a review soon.

Mercator had 1+1 offer on Palmolive products and I decided to get 4 shower gels Mild&Sensitive, Delicate Care, Calming Pleasure and Nourishing Delight. I decided to give three to my mum and keep one for myself, but she didn't want all three, so I kept for myself first two. 

I received Impress Manicure to do a tutorial for it. After my first DashBox review the team that creates it contacted me and we exchanged few emails. The team was so nice to me, although my review wasn't positive at all, and they asked me to do nail tutorial for them. Because they were so nice to me and they excepted my review so good, I decided to say yes and do a tutorial for them. Not everyone excepts a bad review of a product so good, some brands can be actually pretty rude, but let's not talk about this now.

MoYou London brand has such amazing stamping plates, that I had to order two plates immediately as I got MasterCard. I decided for Pro 04 and Festive 06. I felt in love with Festive plate immediately and I already started to create Christmas inspired manicures. I post them on Instagram and Facebook, but don't worry, you're going to see them few here on blog, too. I don't have in mind posting a review about these plates, but if you're interested, let me know and I'll do it for you. :)

On Twitter I won Aida's (Lippie Hippie) giveaway and the prize was La Roche-Posay Hydreane Legere face cream, which has very positive reviews among beauty bloggers, so I was so happy when I saw I'll have a chance to try it myself. I just started to use it, but I'll definitely let you know what I think about it.

Today the postman visited me and brought me this gorgeous package from Click2Chic. I received handmade soup Santa Baby from Bomb Cosmetics, which smells divine. In the package there were also two polishes Models Own Carat Coral and Models Own Copacabana. Expect reviews as a part of my Blogmas next month. 

I'm going to smell nice. :) I was at Tuš drugstore and I couldn't resist, I had to buy three I Love... shower gels. I got Raspberry Vanilla, Choca Mocha lala and Minty Choco Chip. They smell sooooo nice, especially the last one. I can see why bloggers love them (did you count how many times did I write this/similar sentence today? :D)

And for the end few purchases from yesterday. In Müller I got few new pretty nail polishes: Essence I Heart My Blue Jeans, Essence Never Stop Dreaming, Catrice ARTful Red from Viennart LE and Essence BTGN fast drying top coat. I also put two Afrodita masks in my shopping basket. Both should moisturize the skin, so I'm very curious to try them. I probably won't review them, but you're definitely going to read about them on my blog, probably in one of Empties post. 

Uf, that was a long list of purchases. What did you get in November? Also, let me know if you're interested in a review of any of the products. Thank you for reading!

Tutorial: Impress Manicure

Today I have something different for you. It's a tutorial for Impress Manicure. I personally I'm not a fan of fake nails, so this was a very interesting experience for me.

What is Impress Manicure? Impress Manicure are actually fake nails that enable easy and quick manicure. You need zero drying time and no additional glue. They should last a week on your nails. Impress fake nails come in a transparent packaging in a shape of a nail polish bottle. You get 24 nails of different sizes and first you have to choose sizes that will fit your nails. If none of the fake nails fits your nails, take the bigger one, because if you're going to use smaller your nail will be visible underneath.

Before you start applying fake nails, you have to use the prep-pad that you receive in the packaging. It will clean all the oils from your nails and it'll enable longer wear of fake nails. Then you take first fake nail, remove transparent plastic from the glue and glue it on your nail. You just place it on your nail and press on each side to make sure that the glue will stick the nail nicely. I recommend you to start with the pinkie and finish with the thumb, because thumb will be a helper by removing plastic from each fake nail and the plastic is easier to remove with your own nails than fake ones. Repeat this last step on each nail and then you're done.

- easy to apply
- no drying time
- easy to remove
- big choice of different patterns
- they should last around a week

- I received nails with "medium lenght" label on, but they are soo long. I had long nails when I was shooting this tutorial and fake nails were about a half cm longer. This length is for you, if you adore very long nails, but otherwise I'd recommend smaller size.
- These are not very cheap. The price is around 14 € and you can do 2 manicures with them. I'd say these are good for special occasion, but not to wear them all the time.
- They can damage the surface of a nail when you're removing them. It's true they are very easy to remove, but the glue is very strong. 

I didn't wear them for a week, because I didn't feel very comfortable wearing them, but that's probably also because I'm not use to wearing fake nails. I'd say these nails are great for girls that don't have time to do their nails and for special occasions. You can read Slovenian version of tutorial here and get them in DashBox store or in Müller for 13,99€.

Have you tried Impress Manicure? What do you think about false nails? Thank you for reading!

Monthly Favourites of November

I already bragged about this polish in my review post. It's really a gorgeous shade with an amazing formula and a brush. It also says a lot that I've been wearing it nonstop for a last week and a half. When it chipped I just removed and reapplied it. For a person who gets bored of a shade after a day already, not only two days, that really says a lot. Slovenian girls can get P2 brand at Moja drogerija.

Greenland Fruit Emotions hand cream lime-vanilla
I didn't expect much from this cream, but it stole my heart immediately. It's very light, but also nourishing; it sinks into the skin fast, moisturizes it and makes it soft. I also thought that the combination of lime and vanilla won't smell nice to me, but it actually does, a lot. It's such a fresh scent. You can get it here and here.

A palette with four golden/brown shimmery shades is a perfect palette for me to wear every day, because I prefer shimmery than matte shades. These are great pigmented and I have a feeling that they make my eyes bigger (it probably has something to do with the fact that I like to apply the lightest shade in the inner corner of my eye). These eyeshadows have been on my eyes a lot lately. I just reviewed it yesterday, so click here to read what I had to say about it.

Catrice lipstick Mauve Your Lips
When I first swatched this shade it didn't blew me away. I actually expected I won't like it at all on me, but it convinced it’s a perfect shade for me after first application already. It's a mauve shade with a purple/pink undertone and it's a perfect nude shade to combine it with every single look. I noticed that I reach for it a lot and I already showed you few looks where I'm wearing it. The pigmentation is nice, it also has a good formula and although the duration time isn't the strongest, I can forgive it that, because it's a nude shade after all and I can expect from it to last for hours and hours.

Catrice blush Mandy-rine 
Defining blushes are one of the best products from Catrice, if you ask me. Mandy-rine is a new shade from fall/winter assortment change and it’s a gorgeous peachy shade. I was always bigger fan of pink or coral shades, so I couldn’t believe that I felt in love with this blush so quickly. I think it gives my face such a fresh and natural look. The pigmentation is amazing and it lasts for hours on my skin. Since is matte I like to combine it with different highlighters to give my skin a healthy glow. You can see how it looks on me here.

Zoeva 102 Silk Finish brush
Although I do love Real Technique Expert Face brush a lot, I always hoped that there exists even a better brush which would enable me even quicker and easier application. And it does – Zoeva 102 Silk Finish. While RT can leave brush strokes on my face and I need to pay more attention to a nicer application of a liquid foundation, the story with 102 is totally different. It doesn’t leave any brush strokes, it blends foundation into the skin perfectly and much quicker than RT. Bristles are very soft and friendly to the skin. I felt in love with this brush immediately and I had to mention it in this month’s favourites.

Born Pretty Store plate 03
I won a giveaway on Born Pretty Store and for the prize I chose their new plate 03. Since I got it I created many manicures with it, because it has so many lovely designs. I can’t even decide which one is my favourite because they enable so many different combinations. Of course, if you want to see manicures I created with it, check out my Instagram account (but not all are published).

Which products did you love in October? Thank you for reading!

Review and Swatches: MeMeMe Goddess Eyes

MeMeMe is an UK cosmetics brand that is also available in Slovenia at Moja drogerija. Some time ago I received an Eye Inspired Baked Eyeshadow quarto palette Goddess Eyes and a Flawless Finish Cream foundation Beige Blush from MeMeMe for review purposes. Without expecting much from them both products turned to be quite good; with the exception that foundation is way too dark for me. The review of foundation will be posted another day, today I want to talk about eyeshadow palette, which quickly became one of my most used and favourite palettes in the past month and a half.

MeMeMe trio and quatro palettes are packed in a round plastic black matte packaging with a transparent lid, which can be convenient because that way you can see the shades that are in the palette. What actually bothers me by this packaging is that eyeshadows aren’t separated. For people who like to mix different eyeshadows this can be a good thing, but I’d prefer if each eyeshadow would be in its own pan. 

Goddess Eyes contains four eyeshadows in vanilla, dark brown, golden-brown and golden shades. All eyeshadows are shimmery and great pigmented. These are baked eyeshadows, which means that they can be used dry or wet, but I prefer using them dry since they have very good colour payoff. They do fall out when I apply them on lids, but because a lot of eyeshadows I use tend to fall out, I’m so used to it that I don’t have a problem with that anymore. I just use a makeup wipe to remove everything that felt on my cheeks. 

Eyeshadows blend very well and luckily the shades are different enough that they don’t look the same once I blend them on my lids (I had that experience with trio palette Sultry eyes). My favourite eyeshadows from this palette are vanilla and golden-brown shades, which I like to use in inner corner of my eyes and on lids, because they open up my eye look and make my small eyes look bigger. I didn’t have any problems with creasing and they lasted a whole day with minimal fading away.

Goddess Eyes is available at MeMeMe for £6.50 and Moja drogerija for 9,84 €. The palette contains 4 g of product. I'm very satisfied with it, since all eyeshadows have great colour payoff and last a whole day on my lids. I also like the combination of the shades, which makes a palette Goddess Eyes perfect for everyday use. Because the packaging is very small you can also wear it with you when traveling. If you have big collection of different mono eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes, you probably don’t need it, because it’s possible you already have similar shades, except if you’re a collector, then go for it because you won’t regret a purchase. But if you’re only starting with makeup I think it’s going to be a perfect palette for you. I personally think it’s a nice addition to my collection and I’ll happily use it on my eyes in the future as well.

Have you tried Mememe eyeshadows? What do you think of this palette? Thank you for reading! 
*This product was sent to me for review purposes.

Comparing the Blues

Blue nail polishes are a huge love of mine. If you’ll peek into my stash, you’ll see that I have few similar shades, but they are not complete dupes. For a non-polish obsessed person those are probably too similar, but for me, who loves nail polishes to the sky and back, they are all special. I checked my stash to see if I have any dupes for P2 Crazy Beauty and guess what? I found one similar shade, but no dupes. 

I compared Essie Avenue Maintain, P2 Crazy Beauty, Catrice It’s All I Can Blue and Essence Via Airmail. The most different from P2 are Essie, which is more a dusty blue, and Essence, which is much darker from all other three shades, actually. The closest to P2 is Catrice shade, but then again they are not dupes, because Catrice is slightly brighter than P2. All of them have good creamy formula, which is easy to apply. Another thing I have to mention is that none of the polishes except of P2 is still available. Essie was a part of last year’s spring collection Madison Ave-hue, Essence was part of Ready for Boarding summer collection two years ago and Catrice already discontinued It’s All I Can Blue. 

I personally like all four polishes a lot and as I said in my post about P2 Crazy Beauty, this polish is quite unique and I would recommend you all to get it. What about you? Do you like blue polishes? Which one is your favourite? Thank you for reading!

Random Sunday #48

While browsing through my old posts searching for one particular photo I wanted to post in a beauty tag few days ago I noticed that my last Random Sunday was posted in March. I had in mind to start posting this series again, because I miss it, and when I saw it's been more than a half year since last post I knew I had to do one today. This one will be more beauty orientated and I probably won't post them regular every Sunday from now on, at least not until I finish 365 days photo challenge. 

When you try to take a good photo of your makeup and the wind is playing with your hair.

I won Born Pretty Store plate 03 in their giveaway and completely felt in love with it. Here I upgraded P2 Crazy Beauty with gorgeous flower design (I also used Essence Icy Fairy and Black is Back). 

I finally got MasterCard and now I can shop online abroad, too. I ordered this two MoYou plates few days ago and I can't wait to get them. I'm specially excited because of a Christmas plate, I just hope I'll get it before Christmas day, because I want to try all designs. :) 

I found one Slovenian magazine with this beautiful winter creative look on the cover and bought it immediately, because I want to recreate this look so badly. I hope I'll find some time this week (and that the weather will cooperate too, the fogy weather isn't the best for taking photos). 

This is a gradient manicure I did for a review of Born Pretty Store studs, but didn't like it enough, so I'm posting it here. I used Essie Fiji, a plum shade and a golden topper from Essence Naughty or Nice? set. 

Another manicure that was never posted anywhere. I did it back in September for 31 day challenge (metallic nails), but didn't like it enough so I did something else. 

I can't believe how much darker the lightest shade of Catrice Velvet Finish foundation is from the lightest shade of Nude Ilussion foundation. Is Catrice forgetting that in Europe live a lot of pale girls? I decided to give Velvet Finish foundation away, because there's no point of me keeping it since it's way too dark for me and it acts very similar on my skin as Nude Illusion.

Wearing lipstick Annie 19, which I got in a swap with Natalie. It's an amazing shade. 

That's it for today. Maybe next time I'll have for you more Christmasy Random Sunday, we'll see. Thank you for reading!

Swatches of Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoothers Sweet Caramel and Apricot Cream

As a huge fan of lipsticks I surprised myself when I completely felt in love with Catrice lip smoothers. In past I was a huge fan of lip glosses, but in last year or two I didn't reach for them much, although I was buying them all the time, but that change first with Deborah lip gloss (which will be reviewed in the future) and Catrice lip smoothers. I probably wouldn't buy all three shades myself, but when I got two shades I didn't had on Cosnova event, I decided to keep them. My Cake Pop is almost empty already, that much I love it. J

If you’re interested in a review of the shade Cake Pop, check it here, I already wrote about it. Today I’m actually going to show you swatches of other two shades, Sweet Caramel and Apricot Cream. This post won’t be very detailed review, because they are very similar to Cake Pop when it comes to formula and I think I already mentioned everything important there.

Sweet Caramel is a nude shade with brown undertone and Apricot Cream is a peachy shade. They are both sheer, glossy on lips, creamy, moisturizing and non-sticky.  From all three shades Cake Pop has the best colour payoff and its shade is the most visible on my lips. Sweet Caramel and Apricot Cream look very similar on my lips. Both contain tiny shimmer which luckily isn't noticeable after application. The same as Cake Pop they have a nice scent and a sweet taste. These are not very long lasting products, but I don’t mind reapplying them as often as I need, especially because I don’t need any mirror to do that. What I also love very much about these products is that I can apply them over a matte or semi-matte lipstick and they don’t look too glossy, but rather give it a nice, natural shine.

Although I was convinced that I don’t need all three shades, I love them so much that I wouldn't give away any of them. Even if you’re not a lip gloss lover, you’re going to love these. They cost 3,79 € (9 ml) and are available at Müller.

Did you try Catrice lip smoothers? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!                                                                                                                                                                      

P2 Crazy Beauty

I felt in love with P2 nail polish Crazy Beauty immediately. Even when I googled it while deciding which polish should I test, my heart decided for Crazy Beauty, even though my head didn't decide yet. I can't help myself, but blue polishes have a special place in my heart stash. I haven’t checked my stash for any dupes yet, because I wanted to test this polish without any other influences/comparisons. I’ll check it after this review, although I have a feeling that this might be quite unique shade in my stash, but then again I could be wrong. 

P2 Crazy Beauty je lak, ki me je očaral v trenutku. Ko sem prvič pregledala odtenke, ki so na voljo na spletni strani Mojadrogerija in se odločala, kateri odtenek bom testirala, se je moje srce takoj odločilo za Crazy Beauty lak, čeprav sem pregledala swatche skoraj vseh lakov iz spletne strani. Nekako se mi dozdeva, da gre za precej poseben odtenek v moji zbirki, lahko pa se seveda motim in imam že kak podoben odtenek od prej. Če ga imam, bo seveda sledila tudi primerjava na blogu.

First let’s talk about the bottle. It’s a square bottle with silver lid. I actually like this packaging quite a lot. These kinds of bottles are very easy to store, especially if you have more than one bottle. It has a wide flat rounded on top brush, which is my favourite. It’s very similar to Essence and Catrice brushes with the difference that bristles are equally cut.

Najprej nekaj besed o steklenički. Gre za prozorno stekleničko v obliki kvadrata s srebrnim pokrovom, ki ima vgravirano ime znamke. Meni osebno se zdi steklenička precej precej prisrčna, poleg tega pa je zaradi oblike preprosta za shranjevanje (še posebej, če imaš več istih lakov in jih hraniš enega poleg drugega). Lak ima širok ploščat čopič, ki je na vrhu polkrožno obrezan.  V bistvu je precej podoben Essence in Catrice čopičem, s to razliko, da je lepše obrezan in da ščetine čopiča ne štrlijo vsepovsod oz. da so vse enake.

The formula of this polish is amazing. It’s not completely creamy, it’s like it would be a bit watery (maybe because of the gel look finish), but this polish applies like a blast, evenly and it’s opaque in two coats. Crazy Beauty is a gorgeous bright blue shade. My camera is actually doing it injustice, because in person it’s not so bright. Actually imagine it with a hint of purple in it and then you’ll get the right shade.

Formula laka je odlična. Tako čopič kot formula omogočata preprost, enakomeren nanos in že dva sloja sta dovolj za popolno prekrivnost nohta. Crazy Beauty je krasen moder odtenek, vendar pa mu moj fotoaparat dela krivico, saj ga je ujel preveč svetlega. Verjetno je krivo tudi to, da ima lak peščico vijolične barve v sebi, ki je moj fotoaparat ne mara preveč in je zato noče ujeti. Je pa lak v živo naravnost prekrasen. Danes, ko pišem tole oceno, ga imam spet na nohtih in jih kar ne morem nehati občudovati. :P

Crazy Beauty polish is from Volume Gloss collection and is described as gel look polish. It definitely dries glossy, but I always add a top coat, so I can’t say how long the glossy effect lasts. But the polish itself lasts on my nail the same amount of time as all other polishes, which is around two days.

Crazy Beauty lak je iz kolekcije Volume Gloss, ki je bila zasnovana tako, da da nohtu visok sijaj, kot če bi nosila gel nohte. Lak je seveda zelo sijoč, tudi ko se posuši na nohtu, vendar pa sama vedno dodam nadlak, tako da ne morem reči, kako dolgo sijaj dejansko ostane na nohtu. Sam lak je bil na meni obstojen enako dolgo časa kot vsi ostali laki, to je dva dni.

This cute bottles of Volume Gloss polishes contains 12 ml and they cost 3,49 € at Mojadrogerija. I tried few P2 polishes till now (Color Victim shades, Sand Style polishes) and none disappointed me till now. I’d definitely recommend Crazy Beauty to blue lovers and I’m curious to try some other shades from this collection as well.

12 ml Volume Gloss lakov dobite v Moji drogeriji za 3,49 €. Do sedaj sem preizkusila kar nekaj P2 lakov, in sicer iz Color Victim in Sand Style kolekcij, in do sedaj me še noben ni razočaral. Krasne formule, nanos, odtenki, čopiči – dejansko mi je pri teh lakih všeč vse, tudi nizka cena. A lahko še enkrat rečem, zakaj za vraga DM prodaja v Sloveniji S-he Stylezone znamko, ko je P2 stokrat kvalitetnejša? Na srečo imamo Anjo z Mojo drogerijo, ki je poskrbela, da je P2 znamka dostopna tudi Slovenkam.

What is your opinion about P2 polishes? Do you like Crazy Beauty shade? Thank you for reading!
Kako so pa vam všeč P2 laki? Kaj menite o Crazy Beauty odtenku? Hvala za pozornost!
*I received this product for review purposes./Ta izdelek sem prejela v oceno.

FOTD: Purple Smoky Look (Tutorial)

Last week I shared this simple smoky look with you on Facebook and a lot of you asked me to do a tutorial for it. I wasn't planning to post this look separately, because I was taking photos for a review of P2 highlighter High Beam, but your wish is my command, so here are the look and a tutorial. 

I started with a black base. I used Tokoyo longlasting eyeliner 508, which I applied all over the lid and then blended it. This eyeliner dries fast, so you have to blend it immediately after application, because otherwise it doesn't blend that well, and that happen to me, as you can see, because I was taking photos for a tutorial and pencil dried a bit meanwhile. When I blended the pencil I applied purple eyeshadow Turn the TV Off from Makeup Revolution Dia de los Muertos palette all over the lid. The application doesn't need to be perfect, because we're going to blend everything in next step. I used There is Always a Way Back, a mauve matte shade from Dia de los Muertos palette, to blend the purple and to make a transition color for black. In outer V I used black matte eyeshadow from Sleek Acid palette. Black shade in outer corner is always a must for me when doing a smoky look. 
I repeated same steps on lower lash line as well. First I applied Tokoyo pencil on lower lash line and on waterline and then blended it. Here I didn't use a purple shade, but the electric blue eyeshadow Or Get Busy Dying from Dia de los Muertos palette. I highlighted my browbone and inner corner of my eye with P2 highlighter High Beam. In the end I applied Essence Lash Princess mascara and the look was done. 

Products I used:
- Catrice Nude Illusion Nude Ivory

- Catrice Velvet Finish Velvet Ivory
- Catrice Color Correcting mattifying powder Delicate Blossom
- Sleek Face Form Fair (bronzer)
- P2 High Beam highlighter
- Catrice Mandy-rine 

- Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
- Tokoyo longlasting eyeliner 508
- Makeup Revolution Dia de los Muertos
- Sleek Acid
- Essence Lash Princess mascara
- Essence Love Brunettes from How to Make Brows Wow palette

- Catrice Let's Mauve On

I hope you like the look and a tutorial for it. Thank you for reading!

Announcing Blogmas and a Christmas Challenge 2014

Today’s post is more of a rambling post than anything else. I have few announcements to make what will be happening on my blog in December. I’m planning few special posts for which I hope you’re going to love, I’m definitely very excited about them. :)

1. Blogmas
First things first, I'm doing Blogmas in December. That means I'll blog every day during next month. I'm so excited about this, because I miss regular blogging and I have so many things to share with you. Of course December will be very festive on my blog, but I'll try to share with you as many interesting posts as I can, including reviews, empty posts, blush collection etc.

2. Christmas challenge 2014
I wanted to join a Christmas challenge this year so badly, but I didn't find any that I'd really like, so I created my own. It has a simple name Christmas Challenge 2014 and anyone can join. :)
I wanted to create a challenge that would allow me to express my creativity not only in nail art, but also in makeup. I think most of the themes of my challenge allow me and you to express ourselves on both areas. By the themes like Under the tree you can also do a wish list. It's up to you. You can do anything you want, a makeup or a nail art or even something else if you have any good idea (like photo challenge). If you're going to do your nails, you can also use stickers, do stamping etc. There are no limits. :)

If you're going to join the challenge or you have any questions about it, tell me in the comment below. I don't have any special rules for the challenge, except that we start on December 1. After that you can post themes when you’ll have time. I think I’ll post them every three days. You're also welcome to share this challenge on your social media. I decided to reward one of the girls who will join and finish the challenge, and send her a little surprise package. Just to say thank you for a support. She will be, of course, chosen randomly. 

EDIT: I'd almost forgot to add this. You don't need to have a blog to do this challenge, you can also share your entries on any social media you want (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), just don't forget to use hastag #christmaschallenge2014, so I can find you. :)

3. OUAT series part 2
I re-watched first three seasons of Once Upon a Time some time ago and got the idea I could continue OUAT series I was doing last year. Since the season three there were many new characters that could be an inspiration for makeup looks or nail art manicures. The idea was growing in my mind and I wasn't sure about it, until Polona from Uniqua Poly asked me to do a tutorial for Snow Queen. I took this as a sign that I have to continue the OUAT series, so in December I'm starting with it again. I'll probably do only one or two posts from the series in December (because of the challenge and all other ideas) and then continue with it once a week in January. I'll maybe also recreate some of the looks I already did; it depends from the inspiration I'll have. There will probably also be few makeup tutorials included. I'm definitely very excited to continue with this series on my blog. 

That's it for today. For tomorrow I have a tutorial prepared for you and then, I hope, I'll post another review. Thank you for reading!

Insta Nails #2

It's been few weeks since I last posted manicures from my Instagram on my blog. Since the first post was very good accepted and not everyone is following me on Instagram, I decided to continue with Insta Nails posts on my blog. Because I post them every now and then, there will be a lot of manicures in this post, some are very old (from August). I won't write each polish I used for every manicure, but if you're interested in any certain shade that you like, just ask me in a comment below and I'll tell you there. :)

Neon geometric nails, Dotted, Neon leopard print.

Skittle manicure, GT Cosmetics No2, Gradient with OPI Black Spotted. 

Purple skittle, Pineapple nails, Cat stamping manicure. 

Green geometric nails, Half moon gradient, Fall skittle manicure.

Depend 35, Framed nails, Poppy nails. 

Metallic nails, Catrice First Class Up-grape and Essence Icy Fairy, Movember nails.

Cat stickers, Fall nails, Halloween nails.

Vintage rose desing, Fall skittle manicure, Black rose design.

P2 Precious, Stamping with BPS plate 03, Flower nail stickers.

Tell me, which one is your favourite? Thank you for reading!