My Makeup Routine: Brows

Before I start with this post, just one warning to young girls: Don't pluck your eyebrows too much. Just don't. When I was younger thin eyebrows were popular and almost every girl I knew pluck them a lot. Me included. Few years later that left me with horrible shape of eyebrows that I try to grow back to normal, but unfortunately they don't grow much anymore. Few years of plucking did the damage. When I do the makeup I dedicate quite some time to my brows, but because of a strange shape I always make them different. Today I want to talk about products I use and show you how I fill my brows.

There are four products I use for my brows. Well, actually five, but last one I always forget to mention, although it's probably the most important. First product is Catrice Date With Ash-ton eyebrow pencil. I have more greyish eyebrows and maybe this pencil is a bit too brown for me, but otherwise it's amazing. Soft, not too creamy, easy to work with, pigmented, but still allows gentle application, which that can be buildable. I was using it a lot until I didn't discover Catrice eyebrow set. It has two brown shades, one darker and one lighter, and it also comes with a brush which I don't use. I tried both shades and darker I used for bolder looks (which many readers didn't like) and brighter I use all the time. On photos my brows look a bit strange with it, but in person they look great and I think it's a perfect match. I use it all the time and I already hit the pan (which happened later than these photos were taken). I use Ecotools eyeliner brush to apply eyeshadow on my eyes. It's soft, precise and angled which makes it perfect to use it on eyebrows. Next I use Body&Soul brush to comb through brows. Sometimes I do that before application and sometimes after. The last step  and product that I noticed is an obligatory, but I forgot to put it on photo is a concealer. I use it to define lower line of brow shape and it makes lashes look beautiful. I really love to use Essence Stay All Day 16h Longlasting concealer which I find amazing since it has a great coverage. 

And now let's see how I fill my brows. For the tutorial I first used Catrice eyebrow pencil and then over it a lighter shade from Catrice eyebrow set. First I fill my brow from the arch till end. I follow my natural shape. Then I draw a line from the beginning of my brows till arch. Then I fill gasps with short motions. I try to make the shape looking the nice as possible. Then I place a concealer under my eyes and use a concealer brush to blend it under my brow and make the line look more clean. And my brows are done.

Which products do you use to fill your eyebrows? Thank you for reading!

FOTD: Purple Look

You can call it dark. You can call it bold. You can call it colorful. You can call it unwearable. Makeup I mean. All these labels mark makeup that wears my name. In my unpublished folder I found one old makeup look that's actually one of my favourites I even done and I have no idea why I haven't posted it before.

I'd love to tell you what I used where, but unfortunately it's been so long that I don't remember anymore, even thought I do have a list of products. But I do love this purple combination a lot. 

Products I used:
- Bourjois Healthy Mix serum 01 Light Vanilla
- Essence concealer 02 Soft Beige
- Essence Metal Glam Gold Digger highlighter
- Catrice Pinkerbell blush

- Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
- Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 (Highness, Ink)
- Miyo 13, 39 eyshadow
- Alverde Vanille
- Misslyn Next Generation
- Sleek Curacao (Singapore Sling)
- Catrice My First Coperware Party
- Essence I'm a Marine Girl
- Essence I Love Extreme Volume mascara
- Catrice Glamour Volume mascara

- Essence Velvet Rose

What do you think about this look? Thank you for reading!

Empty #10

It's time to post a second part of empties. This time more face and nail related.

CadeaVera Gentle Face Water
I actually really loved this products and used it a lot until I didn't discovered micellar waters. It's designed for dry and sensitive skin. It was gentle, didn't irritate my skin, it made it feel fresh and clean, but I stopped using it, because I achieve that with micellar water too.
Repurchase: No.

I used this product mostly for removing makeup and it did its job well, but it did irritate my skin around my nose and I hated the scent, so I couldn't wait to finish it.
Repurchase: No.

My favourite duo makeup remover. One part is oily, so it leaves a film on eyes, but I personally don't have problems with that, because I always wash my face with water after I use it. It's very gentle, but yet very effective and it does its job great. The packaging is quite big, it contains 250 ml of product and it costs around 3 € in Hofer.
Repurchase: Definitely.

My favourite daily cream. It's very light, soaks into skin very fast, it moisturize it for a whole day and it mattifys it, so my face is not shiny when I use it. It works even great in winter time, when I have drier skin - my skin is well moisturized and it doesn't get itchy the whole day, which is great (if my skin gets itchy during the day, that means that the cream doesn't suit me). The price is around 6 €.
Repurchase: Always.

I mention this product in every empties post but it doesn't matter, this is very loved product. It helps moisturizing the skin perfectly and I don't imagine my skin care routine without it. 
Repurchase: Always.

Balea Urea Eye Cream
Another good product from Balea. It's a good moisturizing product for under eye area, it soaks into skin quickly and it never irritated my skin.
Repurchase: Already did.

Another product I love. It's rougher peeling, but it works great. My skin feels so clean after I use it. 
Repurchase: Yes.

An Essence hand cream from LE collection. It's similar to their other hand creams. It smells nicely, soaks into skin quickly and moisturize them enough if you don't have very dry skin.
Repurchase: No (it was LE).

Omg, I'm obsessed with this hand cream. It smells so divine. I bought few back up packagings and I still have one, which I'll use in winter, because it's more wintery scent. 
Repurchase: I would, but it's not available anymore.

Essence I Love Extreme Volume mascara
I tried many mascaras, but this one is still my favourite, because it gives my lashes the best volume, not to mention the low price.
Repurchase: Already did.

Catrice Glamour Volume mascara
I got this mascara on Catrice and Essence event because someone said it gives amazing volume to the lashes. Well, I wouldn't completely agree with that, it gave them an average volume, but it separated them nicely and gave them length. I often used it in combination with Essence mascara.
Repurchase: Probably not.

Misslyn Thinner
People, this is such an amazing product. I bought it some time ago and it helped me to save many nail polishes and top coats. I used it with Essence fast dying top coat many times to make it more liquidy and it made it like a new. I had it for quite some time, because only few drops are enough for one polish. I wanted to repurchase it, but I can't find it anymore on Misslyn stand. Please, if you know any other thinner that's available in drugstores, let me know.
Repurchase: I would, but it's not available anymore.

Another very loved product. I was late to the party, because when I finally managed to get it and fell in love it, it was discontinued. It worked great, because my nails were growing like crazy when I was using it. But luckily I found a good replacement in Essence hardener so I'm not sad about being discontinued.
Repurchase: I would, but it's not available anymore.

S-he Stylezone 115
I use up so many white nail polishes. This one has a bit watery formula, but it has a good coverage and it's great for nail art. I also like that it's cheap, because I finish two or three white polishes a year at least.
Repurchase: Probably yes.

Essence Better Than Gel Nails Base Sealer
I bought this product by mistake and it would be better if I wouldn't. I didn't like it. It didn't dry quickly and my nail surface was not as smooth as I would want when I used it. It also became thick fast, I didn't used even a half of it.
Repurchase: No.

Essence SOS Nails Savers Cuticle Peeling
Peeling? Not even a letter "p" from peeling. This product was discontinued long time ago, but I was still torturing myself with it because I wanted to finish it. I didn't like the scent and the product didn't really work for my cuticles.
Repurchase: No.

If in my previous post I was mentioning mostly products I wouldn't repurchase, I mentioned in this one a lot of products that are must have in my collection. Have you tried any of these products? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!

365 Days Photo Challenge - Day 167 - Day 208

It's been a while since I last posted 365 photo challenge on my blog. I didn't stop doing it. Mostly the reason for not posting it weekly lies in laziness - on Sundays I usually take a day off from blogging and in the end I don't manage to edit photos for post and I keep postponing it for few weeks. But I still take photos every day although I often have a lack of inspiration and have no idea what to photograph and then I'm just repeating myself. But in the end when I open a folder with all photos I took for this challenge it's so interesting to go through. Even though my photos are not the bets it's going to be a good memory on year 2014 in the end of the year. :)

Day 167: Relaxation spot in our village.

Day 168: Tired Ris.

Day 169: Time for a new manicure.

Day 170: Flower.

Day 171: Corn field.

Day 172: Cooking "bograč".

Day 173: Sunflower.

Day 174: Wheat field.

Day 175: Going home from Ljubljana.

Day 176: Blogging again after one day.

Day 177: Going away.

Day 178: Wheat.

Day 179: Eye look of the day.

Day 180: Flower.

Day 181: Beauty clock.

Day 182: Exciting new product to try.

Day 183: Bee.

Day 184: Daisies.

Day 185: Lake.

Day 186: New shoes.

Day 187: Meadow.

Day 188: Purple.

Day 189: Clouds.

Day 190: It smells divine.

Day 191: Rocks.

Day 192: Bundi, neighbors cat.

Day 192: Bale of hay.

Day 193: Sea nails.

Day 194: Owls.

Day 195: Harry Potter time.

Day 197: Flower.

Day 198: Watermelon.

Day 199: Smoothie time.

Day 200: Raspberry cake, the best I ever tried.

Day 201: Pattern.

Day 202: Live.

Day 203: Rainy day.

Day 204: Chapel. 

Day 205: Love.

Day 206: Dessert.

Day 207: Watching basketball game.

Day 208: On picnic.

Thank you for watching!