Swatches of Few Essence Lip Products

For today I decided to show you swatches of few Essence lip products. Because it would probably last forever before I'd review every group on its own and because Stay Matt lip creams and Essence Femme Fatale lip liner will be discontinued I decided to review them all in one post. Prepare for a post with a bunch of photos and a bit less words. :)

Longlasting Lipsticks
At the moment I own 6 shades of this Essence lipstick range. From my experience these have very different quality, some are really great and some are disaster. My first post with full review and swatches of other shades you can find HERE. There you'll also find all information about the packaging, price and everything else. In this post I'll present you shades Natural Beauty and Dare to Wear.

Let's start with Dare to Wear, which is my favourite Essence lipstick and also the shade that made the best impression on me. It's a darker red shade that drys more glossy than matte (satin finish) and it lasts very long. On my lips it lasted for few hours, although I ate and drank a lot during that time, and after few hours it left nice even stain. It doesn't dry the lips, but it also doesn't feel very moisturizing. It has very nice creamy formula and it's medium opaque, it can be built up.

Next is Natural Beauty. It's a nude shade, that's not very pigmented, but it's buildable. It also has nice creamy formula and more of a satin finish. I actually haven't tested how many hours does it really last, but it never lasted very long. Nude lipsticks are probably the only ones where minimal longevity doesn't bother me, because (uneven) stain isn't very noticeable (this one is "my lips but better shade") and you can re-apply them without a mirror.

Stay Matt lip creams
Stay Matt lip creams are products that are being discontinued. There are 4 shades and I own them all. I wrote about red and berry shades HERE. I actually never planned to get nude shades but on Essence&Catrice event I change my mind and decided to try them. Soft Nude has become one of my favourite nude lip products.

Soft Nude is more a brownish nude shade and Velvet Rose a pinkish toned nude shade. I don't wear Velvet Rose a lot, because I'm not really a fan of this shade and I always have a feeling that it doesn't suit me well. On the other hand Soft Nude is the shade that I can combine with every look and I personally really love it on me. They are creamy, easy to apply, last long and don't dry my lips.

Essence Stay Matt Soft Nude lip cream.
Essence Stay Matt Velvet Rose lip cream.

Lip liner in shade 10 Femme Fatale
The last product is also a product that'll be discontinued. I have it for more than a half of the year and I still didn't review it, can't believe that. I got it when I saw swatches on Petra's (Adjusting Beauty) blog. It's just a perfect red shade. Essence lip liners are the most creamy lip liners I own. It applies smoothly on the lips. It has a matte finish. I like to wear lip liners alone, although I sometimes combine them with glosses or lipsticks. I noticed that I haven't took any photo where I wear it alone, so no full face photo of this product. It lasts around 2-3 hours on lips, but it leaves an even stain that can last for another hour on lips. I do like Essence lip liners (I have 3), but they use up pretty fast (not sure if this is a right expression). I apply it twice time on lips and I already have to sharpen it.

Have you tried any of these Essence lip products? Thank you for reading!

Catrice Crushed Crystal Oyster&Champagne

The other day I went in Müller to check out new Catrice asortment and not many things attracted my attention. They have many new nail polish shades, but I felt in love with only one of them. Some of them are pretty, but not enough to get them immediately. The only polish I really felt in love and I wanted it since I saw promo photos is Oyster&Champagne.

This is how this beauty looks in the bottle. It's a glittery polish, it has a clear base and it contains a lot of tiny golden shimmer, a bit bigger rounded pink glitter and big pink hexagonal glitter. I'm usually not a fan of pink shades when it comes to nail polish, but I adore this one, it's a very special shade. It can be worn alone or as a layering polish.

The brush is standard crappy Catrice one (why they don't bring their old brushes back?). Otherwise the formula is really nice and polish applys like a butter. This is one of those formulas, where you don't need to worry if glitter will stick on nail or not. Othwerwise it's pretty sheer and if you'll wear it alone, you'll need few coats. I used 3 for this swatch. How long it'll last on your nails it depends from your nails, mine are pretty week in this matter and polishes chip after 1 or 2 days. The removing is real PITA, so try with a foil technique if you don't want to hurt your nail bed. The price of this polish is 3,49 €.

And this is my current manicure. I decided to wear it over Essie Blanc. I really love this combination, I have a feeling I'll wear it a lot. And I like the polish on its own as well. I should layer it over gold polish, why I didn't remember that before? Because of the golden shimmer it would look amazing over golden shade. Maybe my next nail polish post will be a combination of Oyster&Champange with a golden polish.

Did you get anything from new Catrice assortment already? What do you think of this polish? Do you like any other shades as well? Thank you for reading!

Review: L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3in1 Purifying Micellar Solution

I just finish the second bottle of L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3in1 Purifying Micellar Solution, so I think it's time I finally review it. There's been written a lot about this products, some people love it, others don't like it. Well, for me this is a good product, although it does have some negative sites as well lik the packaging, which I don't like at all.

Let's talk about the packaging first then. It's a square clear packaging with white lid and it contains 200 ml of products. Opening is very big and you can easly use too much product, much more that you need. So the packaging is a big minus. I tend to wear very heavy eye makeup, so I usually use it mainly on my face, because otherwise I need at least 3 cotton pads only for eyes. It cleans my face makeup pretty good and it leaves me fresh feeling (some people said that it feels oily, but I didn't notice that). I don't wear waterproof makeup except eyeliner and I noticed that it cleans it very good, but it doesn't clean mascara very well. If I drop too much product on a cotton pad and I use it ob my eyes, it can irritate them, otherwise it doesn't (so yeah, less is better).  I don't wear makeup every day (ok, lately I do because I'm trying a lot of new eye looks and also because of testing products), so I didn't use it every day, but if I would I'd finish it in less than a month, which is very quickly to me (the reason for that is probably also that you can easly drop too much product on a cotton pad). In the packaging it foams, but I didn't notice that that would affect on the usage or my skin.

Many bloggers did a comparison with Bioderma Sensibio micellar water and came to conclusion that Bioderma is much better. I had a Bioderma sample at home, so I decided to compare them and I did a little test. A half of my face a cleaned with Bioderma and a second half with L'Oreal. I used the same number of cotton pads for both sides and to me they worked the same. They also felt the same on my face. I can't compare packaging because I never had a full size Bioderma. I also didn't notice that Bioderma would clean mascara better and it irritated my eyes as well if it came in my eyes. So for me Bioderma isn't a winner but that's just my personal opinion. As you know products work different for different people.

I'm satisfied with this products, I only have a problem with the packaging. Besides too big opening (wasting product) it only contains 200 ml, which is very little. If I would use it on a daily basis I'd finish it in less than a month (if I'd use it for eyes as well - I wear strong makeup). It's available in Müller, DM, Tuš drugstore and maybe somewhere else as well. The price is different from a drugstore to drugstore, it costs from 4 to 6 €.

Some time ago Garnier came out with micellar water, which is practically the same as this one, just that is bigger - it contains 400 ml. The price is something less than 6 €. I bought it in DM and I can't remember the exact price anymore. But I do remember, that I checked the price of Garnier and L'Oreal micellar water in Tuš drugstore and the price was exactly the same. I tried Garnier already and I like it, it has better packaging, it works the same as L'Oreal one, except that it's even worse for removing mascara as L'Oreal one. It foams a lot in a packaging, but I didn't notice that would influence on the usage or my skin. From now on I'm buying Garnier one, because for the same price I get two times more of a products.

Have you tried L'Oreal micellar water? Which micellar water is your favourite? Thank you for reading!

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FOTD: Golden Everyday Look

Some time ago I asked you on Facebook, what kind of makeup tutorials would you like to see and a lot of you said natural looks, so here I am with one today. As you know I prefer bolder and colorful looks, because they're more fun to do. I usually do natural looks when I'm in a hurry and I don't have time to play with makeup or when I go somewhere where it's better to wear natural look.

This time I decided to do a golden-brown look for you. I used Sleek Storm palette, which I love and when I was still going on faculty it was my go-to palette.

First I primed my lid with Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base (step 1). I applied shade 3 in crease and shade 4 all over the lid (step 2). Then I applied shade 11 in outer V and blended it in crease (step 3 and 4). Because I used shimmery shade over the lid and brown in outer V was matt, I decided to apply brown shimmery shade in outer V as well (step 5).

On my lowerlashline I applied shade 7, the same as I used in outer V (step 6) and in inner corner shade 2 as a highlight (step 7). Instead of black eyeliner I decided to use matt black eyeshadow here. I used shade 12 (step 8). I didn't do a winged eyeliner, but instead of that I applied black eyeshadow in outer V and blended it into a brown shade I used before (step 9). I decided to apply black kajal pencil on my waterline. I highlighted my browbone with Alverde Vanille (step 10) and in the end I used a mascara (step 11).

Products I used:
- Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
- Sleek Storm
- Alverde Vanille
- Catrice black kajal pencil
- Essence I Love Extreme mascara 
- Catrice Glamour Volume mascara  
- Catrice Date with Ash-ton brow pencil
- Catrice eyebrow set

- Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation 02 Vanilla
- Essence Stay All Day Longlasting Concealer 02 Soft Beige
- Essence Compact Powder Soft Beige
- Essence Metal Glam Gold Digger highlighting powder
- She powder rouge 002

- Essence Stay Matt lip cream Soft Nude

I did 2 lip versions, one is with nude lips and one with red lips for more daring ones. Both are Essence Stay Matt lip creams, nude is Soft Nude and red Silky Red.

What do you think of this look, would you wear it? With nude or bold lips? Thank you for reading!

Essence The Boy Next Door

Don't you just hate when Essence changes the color of a polish, but keeps the same name? Like if they can't come up with some interesting names. The Boy Next Door was first dusty blue shade, I think, but then they changed the color and this one is an electric blue shimmery shade.

The brush is a bit strange, because it's larger on one side than on other, but I learned how to work with it. Otherwise the formula of this polish is really nice, it applys like a butter and it's opaque in two coats. If I'm not mistakes, this polish will be discontinued now, so it won't be available for long.

Have you tried The Boy Next Door? What do you think of this shade? Thank you for reading!

365 Days photo Challenge - Day 20-26

Week 4 of 365 days photo challenge.

Day 20: Pancakes.

Day 21: Blue manicure.

Day 22: When there's a lack of inspiration, take some photos of chocolate. :P

Day 23: Winter lips.

Day 24: First snow and happy Ris. He loves snow.

Day 25: Winter day.

Day 26: "Kremšnita".

Thank you for watching!

Review and Swatches: Ingrid Ideal Face 15 Natural Foundation

Ko sem od spletne trgovine prejela ponudbo, da lahko preizkusim nekaj njihovih izdelkov, sem kar nekaj časa razmišljala, kaj bi vzela. Na koncu sem se odločila za tekočo podlago, ker sem v zadnjih nekaj tednih izgubila precej barve in postala tako svetla, da mi je še moj Bourjois Healthy Mix puder za odtenek pretemen. Izbrala sem najsvetlejši odtenek podlage Ideal Face 15 Natural, ker sem po spodnji fotki sodila, da bo šlo za zelo svetel odtenek in mi bo ustrezal (ali pa bi ga mešala s temnejšimi, če bi bil presvetel). Drugih pričakovanj razen zelo svetlega odtenka od te podlage nisem imela.

Some time ago online store offered me few things for review and I decided for Ingrid Cosmetics Ideal Face foundation in a shade 15 Natural, because I lost all the color I got in summer and now I'm very pale, so I needed a new foundation and I decided to give a go to this one. I didn't had any expectations of this foundation when I got it, except that it'll be very bright.

Podlaga je zapakirana v kartonasti škatli, na kateri dobite vse potrebne informacije o izdelku. Ideal Face lahko dobite v 4 različnih odtenkih: natural, peach, warm beige in deep bronze. Namenjen je vsem tipom kože, obstojen pa naj bi bil 16 ur. Podlaga vsebuje tudi UV filter, ki naj bi ščitil pred sončnimi žarki.

The foundation is first packaged in a cardboad box, on which all informations about fondation are written. Ideal Face foundation comes in 4 different shades: natural, peach, warm beige and deep bronze. They say it should last 16h on face, it has UV filter and it's appropriate for every skin type.

Podlaga je zapakirana v črni plastični okrogli embalaži s prozornim pokrovom in ima pumpico za doziranje. Na vrhu pokrova piše ime odtenka. S samim pakiranjem imam love-hate odnos. Po eni strani mi je črno pakiranje všeč, ker mi deluje elegantno, po drugi strani pa me moti, ker se ne vidi, koliko izdelka se dejansko porabi. Za podlago bi bilo definitivno boljše prozorno pakiranje ali pa da bi vsaj ob eni strani imelo prozorno črto, da bi lahko videl, koliko izdelka je še noter. Zelo me je razočarala tudi sama pumpica. Do sedaj nisem imela nobenega problema s podlagami, ki imajo pumpico, ker so omogočale lažje doziranje in dejansko sem bila navdušena nad tem, da ima tudi tale pumpico, vendar pa po prvi uporabi zelo razočarana, ker izdelka nikakor nisem mogla spraviti skozi pumpico. Ne glede na to, kako in koliko časa sem pritiskala, podlage skozi pumpico ni bilo. To se je nekajkrat ponovilo, nakar mi je uspelo spraviti pumpico v delovanje in takrat sem jo dvakrat celo uporabila, sedaj pa sem nazaj pri istem problemu. Izdelek nikakor ne gre skozi pumpico. Podlago potem uporabim tako, da pumpico odvijem, ampak nikakor mi ni jasno, zakaj ne deluje. Tako da zame je pakiranje popolno razočaranje.

When you take the foundation out of a cardboard, you see that it comes in a black plastic packaging with a transparet lid that has a name of a foundation on the top. With the packaging I have love-hate relationship. The black looks pretty elegant, but on other hand I don't like it because I can't see how many product is still in. It has a pump, which is in most cases good, but not here. The pump just doesn'r work. I can press as many times as I want, but the foundation won't came out. After few usages I manage to fix that and the foundation came out when I pressed the pump, but that was only for 2 usages, after that it didn't work - again. So the packaging is a big minus to me.

Ko sem izdelek prvič preizkusila, sem doživela še drugo razočaranje. Odtenek je v bistvu dosti temnejši, kot sem pričakovala in je zame sedaj pozimi pretemen. Poleti, ko bom malce bolj zagorela, mi bo verjetno ustrezal. Drugače pa se mi sama podlaga niti ne zdi tako slaba. Prekrivanje je lahko do srednje, vendar se ga da nadgraditi in narediti bolj prekrivnega. Zelo lepo se ga da zblendati po koži tako s čopičem kot s prsti in na koži deluje precej lahko ter izenači ten. Moji koži ni povzročil nobenih problemov (npr. mozoljčke), zna pa poudarjati suhe dele, tako da je treba pred uporabo zelo dobro navlažiti kožo. Posušil naj bi se mat, čeprav se meni zdi, da ni 100 % mat, ker malce sije na obrazu, vendar ne pretirano, obstojen pa je nekje 7-8 ur (in nikakor ne 16 ur kot obljubljajo).

I expected a very bright shade, so I was a bit dissapointed when I first tried it, because it was too dark for me. And this is the brightest shade, so for many girls it would be too dark. I'm guessing that it'll match my skin in summer when I'll be more tanned. Otherwise the formula of this foundation isn't that bad. It has light to medium coverage, but it's buildable. It's easy to apply and spread nicely over the skin with a brush or fingers as well. It didn't cause any brake out on my skin, but it emphasizes dry parts, so the skin needs to be moisturized before usage. It should dry matt, although I think it's not 100% matt, and it lasts around 7-8 hours.

Primerjava moje kože pred nanosom podlage in po nanosu podlage. Kot ponavadi sem ga nanesla v enem sloju.

And this is how it looks on me. I applied it in one layer as I always do and it evens the skin tone very nicely.

Za predstavo še primerjava z Bourjois Healthy Mix podlago v odtenku 52 Vanilla, ki mi je trenutno tudi malce pretemna, jo pa uporabljam poleti in v jesen, ko še zagorelost ne zbledi popolnoma (za zimo sem se odločila kupiti HM serum v odtenku 51).

And a quick comparison with Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in 52 Vanille. This one has become a bit dark for me as weel, so I decided to purchase HM serum in shade 51.

Ingrid cosmetics Ideal Face podlaga je na voljo v spletni trgovini, in sicer 35 ml stane 5,35 €. Cena se mi zdi kar ugodna za to podlago, vendar pa me je samo pakiranje precej razočaralo. Pumpica mi kar ne dela, potem dela ok, potem spet ne dela ... Če ste svetle kot jaz (Bourjois HM serum v odtenku 51), potem pravega odtenka zase ne boste našle, za vse temnejše pa zagotovo obstaja kak primeren odtenek.
Če zaključim, plus dajem formuli podlage (sama sem bolj pristaš manj prekrivnih podlag, tako da mi je lahka do srednja prekrivnost všeč, lepo izenači ten, preprosta za blendanje) in ceni, minus pa pakiranju (ker se ne vidi, koliko podlage se porabi in ker pumpica ne deluje) in odtenkom (zelo svetle zase ne bodo našle pravega odtenka). Po tej končni oceni moram reči, da tega izdelka ne priporočam.

Ingrid Cosmetics foundation is available on site for a price 5,35 €. You get 35 ml. It's not expensive foundation, but the selection of shades isn't very big and the packaging of mine foundation was very bad. If I say final verdict: I give plus to formula of foundation (I like light to medium coverage, it evens the skin tone, easy to blend) and a price. I give minus to packaging (black, pump doesn't work) and the shade selection (there isn't any suitable shade for very pale girls). After this final verdict I have to say that I don not recommend this product.

Če je katera izmed vas preizkusila Ideal Face podlago, me prav zanimajo vaše izkušnje! Hvala za pozornost!
Have you tried Ingrid cosmetics Ideal Face foundation? I'd really like to hear your experience with it if you did. Thank you for reading!
*This products was sent to me for review. 

Review and Swatches: Catrice Lipsticks Princess Peach, It's a Matt World and Matt-erial Girl

While you can already find swatches of new Catrice lip products on many foreign blogs, I'm reviewing some old lipsticks today, one of them is also discontinued. I saw that our Müller still had it at the beginning of this week and maybe you can still find it somewhere else (Tuš drugstore also has Catrice cosmetics). I'm going to review 050 Princess Peach, 260 It's a Matt World and 270 Matt-erial Girl.

They are all from the Ultimate Color range, but they have different quality. It'a a Matt World and Matt-erial Girl are both matte shades (although they're not true matte shades, because they have shine a bit on lips), have very nice creamy formula and are easy to apply. Both lasted on me around 4 hours, although they do transfer on things ( like on a glass if you drink) and in that case they fade away faster. Princess Peach has a glossy finish and it lasted around 2 hours on me. None of these drys my lips. Both matte shades are nicely pigmented, a glossy a bit less, but it's buildable.

First one is 050 Princess Peach. I had this lipsticks on WL for ever but I kinda never bought it, so on Catric&Essence event I took the chance and got it. It's a peachy shade with a glossy finish. It applys nicely, but it has very strange formula. As you can see on the swatch it goes in gaps on lips and it emphasizes all dry parts. I can't believe that that's possible with a glossy lipstick. None of matte shades did that. That disappointed me a bit. But no mather that I'll wear it in the summer, because I think it'll look great on me, when I'll be more tanned. Unless if I find a peachy shade with a better formula somewhere.

260 It's a Matt World is a red matte shade. On swatch you can see, that it's a true red and also on my lips on a swatch looks red, but in person I see that this lipsticks has an orange undertone to me. But it's a really gorgeous shade and I recommend you to get it if it's still available in your Müller or Tuš drugstore (or anywhere else for foreign girls).

270 Matt-erial Girl is a lovely dark fuchsia matte shade. It's a perfect shade for winter, you could also see it in my top 10 lip products for winter yesterday. Love the formula, love the shade.

Catrice lipsticks contain 3,8g of products and they cost 4,19 €. They have great matte lipsticks for this price. The formula of Princess Peach disappointed me a bit, although I do like the shade (gosh, I'd like to had matte lipstick in that color, recommendations?). Matt-erial girl is my favourite of all three.

What do you think about Catrice lipsticks? Which one is your favourite? Thank you for reading!