Blogmas 2014: So This is Christmas

I'm doing Christmas manicures since the beginning of the December already. I feel very excited because of today's post, because I want to show you these cute Christmas water decals from Born Pretty Store. Not so much because of decals themselves as because of my first manicure. Look at this cute penguin with Santa's hat. And a baby reindeer in Santa's bag. I wont write how to apply water decals, because I've mentioned that few times before and I think most of you know how to do it.
As a base for water decals I used Essence Wild White Ways. On other nails I apply P2 Crazy Beauty, over which I stamped snowflakes from MoYou Festive plate 06 with Stargazer 232. 

This was my first manicure with these decals, because it was more a manicure for "practicing". The theme of this manicure is a Christmas tree. As a base for water decals I used Catrice On the Top of the Alps. On other nails I applied Maybelline 145, over which I stamped Christmas lights from MoYou Festive plate 06 with white Catrice polish.

I want to use "peace" Santa so badly on my nails, but my nails are unfortunately too short for it at the moment. I have to wait that they grow. You can get these water decals at Born Pretty Store for $2.61. Of course, don't forget to use code "DFL91" to get 10% discount. 

What do you think of these water decals? What about my manicures? Thank you for reading!
*This products was sent to me for review.