Blogmas 2014: Would You Love Some Catrice Lippies

I played with title a bit. J It was inspired by the name of a lipstick I’m going to review today, if you were wondering why such a strange title.

Catrice launched Ultimate Stay lipsticks and lipliners this fall and since I adore their lip products I had to try few of them. For the beginning I decided to buy lipstick Plum&Base and lipliner Love the Way You Plum, because they seemed like a great fall/winter lip combo. Then I got two more lipsticks on Essence event, both more neutral shades, and decided to wait with the review until I don’t try all four products and then review them all together. Lipsticks I got on event are called Wood You Love Me and Mauve Your Lips.

Perfect Fall/Winter Combo
Plum is definitely a perfect lip shade for fall and winter. I felt in love with Plum&Base shade immediately when I swatched it in the store. Because I wanted to buy only one lipstick for the beginning to see if I’m going to like the formula and everything else, this shade was definitely a first choice. And because Love the Way You Plum looks like a perfect match to this lipstick, I bought it too.

Plum&Base lipstick has a very nice, creamy formula that goes on lips smoothly and evenly. The pigmentation is very nice; lipstick covers the lips completely in one layer. Ultimate Stay lipsticks should have matte finish, but I disagree with that, because they look a bit shiny on the lips. It doesn’t feel specially moisturizing or dry on the lips and it doesn’t emphasize dry parts. I also noticed that it doesn’t last that long on the lips, around three hours, it depends how much I drink meantime. Of course it doesn’t survive a meal, because it doesn’t leave any stain. It simply fades away completely after some time.

Love the Way You Plum is a matte lip pencil that is actually very fragile. I have to be very careful while applying it, because it brakes like in a second after I touch my lips with it. It has a twist up mechanism and I usually twist it up only a tiny bit, because that way it works easier. I think I only have like a third of lipliner left, because it took me time before I learned how to work with it. It has a matte finish and it tends to dry my lips and emphasize dry parts. I never use it alone, it's too drying and it can be sticky; I usually wear over Plum&Base which makes sure my lips don’t feel dry anymore (which is funny since it’s not very moisturizing on its own). Sometimes I also apply a lipgloss over it, which makes this lip combo shine as a star (you can check it here, you all loved it :D). A bit disappointing can be also the fact that it takes time to apply it evenly (all my mistakes are especially visible on photo. Camera always highlights everything you don’t notice in person.). I also wanted to mention that it looks a bit more "red" on me, which is interesting, because if you're going to check Mateja's swatch you'll see it look more purple on her.

Catrice Love the Way You Plum lipliner

Catrice Plum&Base lipstick

Loving the Nudes
On the Cosnova event I got two more Ultimate Stay lipsticks. I choose Wood You Love Me myself, because winter is coming and that means darker, bolder eye looks, for which nude lipsticks are always welcome. Mauve You Lips was given to us by Cosnova team. Telling the truth I was swatching this shade at the event and thought that this shade wouldn’t look good on me because of its undertone, but surprisingly this is now one of my favourite shades. 

Wood You Love Me is a nude shade with strong brown undertone and the same it looks on lips. Maybe it looks a bit too brownish for my liking. I usually apply one of Catrice lip smoothers over it to cool down the shade and make it more wearable. Mauve Your Lips is a mauve shade as the name says. By the swatch I’d never tell I’m going to love it so much on myself. These two have the same formula and finish as Plum&Base. They feel comfortable on lips and I often reach for them. As many nudes shade these are also not very long lasting. They last around an hour and a half on my lips and don’t survive eating. I also wanted to mention that all Catrice lipsticks transfer on a glass or cup when you drink. 

Catrice Wood You Love Me lipstick

Catrice Mauve Your Lips lipstick

Ultimate stay lipsticks contain 3 g and cost 5,19€. Ultimate stay lipliners contain 0,3 g and cost 2,49€. Although I can’t say I’m a huge fan of lipliner because of its fragile nature, I do like lipsticks a lot. It can happen that in the future I'll add few more lipsticks to my collection.

Have you tried Catrice Ultimate Stay lipsticks and lipliners? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!