Blogmas 2014: Review of Catrice Illuminating Blush Coral Me Maybe

Catrice Iluminating blushes are new blushes in their assortment, launched in summer/fall assortment change. There are three shades available: I’m Nuts about You, Coral Me Maybe and Kiss Me Ken. On the Cosnova event we received shade Coral Me Maybe and this one soon became one of my favourite blushes. This is actually a blush I’d pick first if I would purchase it myself, because I have a week spot on that kind of shades of blushes. 

If we take a look at packaging, we’ll see that it’s nothing special, just a plastic round packaging with a transparent lid (something usual for Catrice), but the design of the blush itself is gorgeous (at least to me). It has a 3D design in rhomb shape and in peachy and coral shade. When they are mixed together they gave such a nice coral shade, for which I think it looks very beautiful on my face. It also contains tiny shimmer that gives such nice shine to the face. Because the shimmer creates a radiant look on cheeks, it can be worn alone, without highlighter. 

The pigmentation of this blush is not the strongest, but I guess that’s a good thing for those who don’t like too much blush on the face or are just beginning with makeup, because you can’t achieve a clowny look with it. The blush is very silky and easy to blend on the cheeks. It can be also build up, so you can achieve more intensive look with it, if you prefer it (I know I do). The duration time is quite amazing, it lasted a whole day on my face with minimal fading away. But have in mind that I like to apply the blush a bit stronger, if you’ll apply it very sheer it’ll probably fade away faster.

The price is 4,69€ for 4 g. I do love this blush a lot. Although by my opinion Define blushes are better, Illuminating blushes are good as well, because they are different – they contain shimmer which gives nice glow to your face and Coral Me Maybe looks very natural on cheeks. I haven’t tried other two blushes from this collection, but they are very well reviewed by fellow bloggers, even better than Coral Me Maybe. I thinking Coral Me Maybe is perfect for those who like coral shades that contain shimmer and are beginners in makeup, because this blush is not too pigmented and you’ll be able to achieve a nice look with it.

Have you try Catrice Illuminating blushes? Thank you for reading!