Blogmas 2014: Review and Swatches: Revlon Red Velvet

I often think I'm a blogger that likes products most of other bloggers dislike or I'm not impressed with products most of other bloggers adore. In the family of those products belong Revlon lip butters. They are such hyped products that I expected a lot of them. Well, if you ask me, they are overhyped. It’s true I tried only one shade, but I imagine it’s not so different from other shades. I actually thought Red Velvet will be one of my most worn shades during fall (that’s why I also mentioned it in my fall picks), but I soon stopped wearing it. 

Revlon lip butters do have very cute packaging, but not very practical. They come in a plastic colourful packaging with way too long cap. The black base which you hold to open the product is so small that it’s hard to hold it and it’s also very difficult to open the product. When I got it and first tried to open it, I had to go through few attempts before I manage to open it. Although I’m a sucker for a cute packaging, I still find it better if packaging is practical and not only cute. 

Red Velvet is a gorgeous darker red shade, perfect for fall/winter season. For a buttery balm this is quite nicely pigmented product. Only a swipe on the lips and it covers them up. But since it’s a darker shade it requires careful application, because it can end up out from the line of the lips quickly. Somewhere I read that these are supposed to be applied without any mirror, but for a Red Velvet one definitely needs a mirror, otherwise it can end up looking like Miranda Sings. :)

Freshly applied it feels very moisturizing on the lips and it doesn’t emphasize dry parts on them. What actually bothers me the most by this shade is the duration time. From a darker shade like this I’d expect that it’ll last at least two hours, but no, from my lips it completely disappears after one hour. And when I say completely I mean that it doesn’t even leave any stain. Nothing, zero, nada. I went to check few reviews from other bloggers and they are all impressed by this shade. On them it lasts for two hours minimal. And now I wonder, it there something wrong with my lips or what? I guess this product just doesn’t work for me. 

I do like the shade on me, it's really a gorgeous color, but I just can't make myself to love this balm. 

In Slovenia there are 16 shades available at Click2Chic for 10,89 €. They are also available at few Müller stores (but not in mine in Murska Sobota).  Although I do like the shade and the moisturizing felling on my lips I won’t buy any new shade. I find them way too expensive for what they offer to me. I actually tried similar products from Maybelline, called Whispers, and I like those much better. I have two bright shades Coral Calling and Faint for Fuchsia and both last much longer on my lips than Velvet Red. And the price is also lower for few euros.  

What do you think about Revlon lip butters? Did you join the hype or not? Thank you for reading!
*I received this product for review purposes.