Blogmas 2014: Neutral Look with Favourite Catrice Products

At Cosnova event we got a lot of Catrice products that I love and I thought I could do a look with them and tell you something about each product. Most of the products will get their separate review if it hasn't be done yet, but today I want to tell you, what I like about them most (or what I don't). But I wasn't using only Catrice products, because there are some products I just can't do a look without, like Essence mascara, Sleek bronzer for contouring and so on. 

Let's start with eyes. I was using Catrice Absolute Matt eyeshadow palette, which is perfect palette for people, who are just starting with makeup and those, who wear mostly natural looks. It contains 6 matte eyeshadows that are nicely pigmented, and enable you to do a daily or even a darker evening look. The look I did with this palette is my quick go to neutral daily look. 
I started with Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base and then I applied the beigy shade from Catrice palette all over my lid and on brow bone. On my lids I used warm brown eyeshadow, and the taupe one I used in crease. For outer V I used dark brown shade and I lined my eye with greyish black eyeshadow. For my lower lash line I mixed warm brown and taupe shade. I highlighted my brow bone and inner corner of my eye with white eyeshadow. On waterline I applied Catrice Made to Stay Inside Eye highlighter pen, which didn't really convince me. I have a feeling that it's just too hard and not easy to apply on waterline. On the photo you can't even notice that I'm wearing it. Mascara is my current favourite Essence Lash Princess

On my face I started with Catrice Nude Illusion Nude Velvet, which I already mentioned in my favourites some time ago. I really love the finish it gives to my skin. It has a medium coverage and it evens out my skin tone nicely. I lost a lot of tan lately, so the lightest shade is becoming too dark for me, but I'll mix it with Makeup Revolution white foundation to make it lighter. On my skin it didn't cause any break outs and it doesn't dry it. Concealer that I used for this look is Catrice Velvet Finish Velvet Ivory. This one also has a medium coverage, so it won't cover very dark under eye circles very good, but it has enough coverage for mine. It's creamy and easy to blend into the skin. Some people say that it feels dying on the skin, but I didn't experience that. I actually really like it. To seal everything up I used Catrice Color Correcting mattifying powder Drelicate Blossom. After these few weeks that I'm using it I can say that it doesn’t do everything that it promises, like neutralises redness, at least I didn't notice that on my face, but it's a very good powder. It mattifys the skin and it prolongs the duration of the foundation. It looks quite natural on the skin and not cakey at all. 
I contoured my face with Sleek bronzer from Face Form Fair kit. As a blush I used my currently favourite Catrice Mandy-rine, which gives such a nice color to the cheeks. I love their Define Blushes, they are matt, much pigmented, long lasting and Mandy-rine is not any exception. I highlighted my face with P2 High Beam, because I was testing it for a review that is coming up on this blog soon, and I took every opportunity to use it on my face. 
Lipstick that I used is another favourite product from Catrice - Mauve Your Lips. I reviewed it recently on my blog. I didn't believe that this lipstick will look so good on me and that I will love it so much, until I didn't try it on. Its formula is very creamy, not drying and good pigmented for a nude shade. 

Here's a photo of all products I used for this look.

Which are your favourite Catrice products? What do you think about this look? Thank you for reading!