Blogmas 2014: In Love with Zoeva brushes (Review)

Zoeva brushes have a lot of positive reviews in a beauty world and I was thinking to get a set of their brushes for a long time (why to buy a separate brushes, if you can get a set, ha? :P), but I wanted to spoil myself with a whole set and I never found a chance to do that (my birthday is not sooner than in May). Well, when I got the chance to get separate Zoeva brushes with 30% discount, I had to take advantage of it for two brushes that interested me the most – Concealer Buffer and Silk Finish. 

I have to say I completely understand why people love their brushes so much. The holder of both brushes I ordered is black, from wood, and it has engraved the name of the brush. Between bristles and holder is a silver metallic part that holds both parts together. The quality of these brushes is really great. They have soft and dense bristles that are synthetic. I washed both brushes few times and none of them lost a single bristles. In usually use a shampoo or a soap for cleaning my brushes, but I discovered that the best for cleaning them is a hard soap (especially for brushes like Silk Finish), because it removes everything from bristles. 

142 Concealer Buffer
Concealer Buffer is Zoeva brush I wanted the most. Till now I was using Body&Soul concealer brush, which is flat and it does its job great, but it’s not the best for blending concealer. Let me tell you, Concealer Buffer is a perfect brush to use with concealer. It’s very easy to apply concealer under my eyes and blend it onto the skin, and not just there, it works great everywhere on the skin, also to blend concealer over the blemishes. Many girls also recommended it for applying eyeshadow. I haven’t try it for that purpose yet, because I strictly bought it to use with concealer, but because even Anja from Moja drogerija, who is a makeup artist, use it for applying eyeshadows I believe it’s works great on eyes as well. The price: 11,54 € at Moja drogerija.

102 Silk Finish
Round foundation brushes are my favourite to use, and although I do like RT Expert Face a lot, it isn’t really perfect, so I was curious to see how Silk Finish will work. People, it’s much much better that RT brush. It’s dense, but still soft enough to blend foundation perfectly and evenly onto the skin, and it doesn’t leave any brush strokes, like Expert Face does. Plus, it’s bigger, so the application is faster with it. The price: 16,78 € at Moja drogerija.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with both brushes. Silk Finish completely replaced RT Expert brush in my makeup bag and Concealer Buffer is definitely perfect for blending concealer. Now I’m really anxious to buy a set of Zoeva brushes to try even more of them.  I think these are totally worth the money, after all, brushes will last you very long, if you’re going to take a good care of them. In Slovenia you can get Zoeva brushes at Moja drogerija

Have you tried Zoeva brushes? Which ones would you recommend to me and my readers? Thank you for reading!