Blogmas 2014: Festive Pampering Essentials

Today I want to share with you few of my current favourite products for skin care, showering, lip care etc.  I’m not sure if I’ll do monthly favourites of December, so I decided to do a special post, wrapped into this festive atmosphere as a part of my Blogmas. 

Nuxe Bio Beaute Repairing lip balm
This product definitely wasn’t a love at first sight usage and it took me quite some time to start liking it. It smells nicely, as apricot, and it tasted a bit funny. It moisturizes the lips and makes them soft. I’d say it’s a good lip balm, although a bit too pricey for what it offers.

Himalaya Herbals Nourishing lip balm
I have no idea why I haven’t try Himalaya lip balms before, because they are really good. I used the Cocoa Butter scent few times and then lost is, but Nourishing lip balm is the one I have on a night shelf. This one definitely nourishes my lips and when I apply it before bed time I woke up with soft lips. It also helps them moisturizing for longer period as many other lip balms (Maybelline Baby Lips, Labello …). 

Yves Rocher Cocoa&Orange shower gel
I love love love this shower gel. Really love. I’m maybe exaggerating, but this shower gel smells literary as a dark chocolate with orange taste. It’s creamy, dense and it foams so nicely. It’s not the most nourishing product, but it also doesn’t dry the skin. The scent that it stays on the skin after the shower isn’t very strong and it smells like chocolate, which I really like. 

La Roche Posay Hydreane Legere moisturizing cream for sensitive skin
People love this cream and I can see why. It’s a light cream that sinks into the skin fast and it moisturizes it nicely. After usage my skin doesn’t feel itchy, which is the most important thing to me. I especially love to use it with Balea Aqua serum, for my skin this is a perfect combination. My skin is moisturized through a whole day after I used this combination.  

Afrodita Skin Lifting moisturizing mask
This is a very rich face mask that you actually don’t wash from your face, but massage into it after 15 min. I was surprised how good my skin felt after usage. It’s very nourishing, after the usage you don’t need to apply any cream over it. It will make your skin moisturized for hours. I used it before bed time and in the morning my skin was moisturized, silky and soft.

Greenland Fruit Emotions Lime-Vanilla hand cream
I talked about this cream before. For a light cream that sinks into the skin immediately, this is a good moisturizing cream. And after usage my skin feels so soft. I won’t even mention the scent, which is so fresh and good. But vanilla is one of my favourite scents, so it’s not a surprise I love it.

Lush Lemony Flutter
This baby is my companion for two, maybe even three years now. It’s the best product for dry cuticles. Just a tiny bit it enough for one usage on one nail. The butter melts under the fingers when I massage it into the skin. Before going to bed I apply a generous amount of product and then let it sink into the skin for few minutes (okay, few minutes it’s not like 3 to 4 minutes, but like 15 or even more). That helps that in the morning I wake up with nicely nourished cuticles. We all know how dry can cuticles be if we don’t take a proper care for them before bed time. 

Lush Santa’s lip scrub
I hate dry lips during winter time. Using only a lip balm isn’t enough, because lip balms can’t remove all that dry parts from the lips. Santa’s scrub smells and tastes like Coca Cola. I personally am a big fan of that scent, but I know some people may not like it. The scrub helps to remove dry bits and making lips smooth. And all lovers of bold matte lipsticks know that this is a necessary step before applying a lipstick. After I remove a lip scrub from lips I always apply a lip balm to moisturize them.

Which are your festive pampering essentials? Thank you for reading!