Blogmas 2014: Day 9 of Christmas Challenge - Merry Christmas

First of all, Merry Christmas. I hope you spend an amazing day with your loved ones. I won't ramble much today, I just wanted to share with you my manicure and makeup that I wore today and that are also made for Christmas challenge. Telling the truth, I didn't want to complicate, so both are simple and makeup was probably already seen before on my blog, it's a very gentle look. 

For manicure I went with something the most simple I could. On ring finger I did dots, which are not very Christmassy, but are in Christmas colors. Polishes I used are H&M Je T'aime, Essie Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low, Essence Steel-ing the Scene and Essence Wild White Ways

Makeup is very simple. Today I wasn't really inspired to do something special, so my eyes are in natural, but shimmery shades. The palette I used for eye look is Sleek's Vintage Romance. Then I had a bad eyeliner day. I wanted to do a nice thin line, which I did on right eye, but then I did it bad on left eye and in the end the thick line came out on both of my eyes. Oh, well ... To make this look a bit more "special" I added a golden eyeliner on the wing. 

Products I used: 
- Catrice Nude Illusion Nude Ivory
- Catrice Velvet Light Velvet concealer
- Essence Stay All Day long lasting concealer Natural Beige
- Artistry Exact Fit Cream powder
- Sleek Face Form bronzer
- Sleek Pomegranate
- Essence Gold Digger

- Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
- Sleek Vintage Romance (Pretty in Paris, Meet in Madrid, Court in Cannes, Lust in LA, Propose in Prague, Bliss in Barcelona, Love in London)
- Toyoko longlasting eyeliner 508
- Essence Circus Circus It's Magic eyeliner
- Essence Liquid Ink High Shine eyeliner
- Essence Lash Princess mascara
- Essence How to Make Brows Wow (Love Brunettes, Love Blondes, Lift Me Up)

- Look by Bipa Orchid
- Bourjois Frambourjoise

What did you wear on your face and nails on a Christmas day? Thank you for reading!

14 komentarjev

  1. OMG those earrings are adorable! :D I love everything, as usual, but the make up is perfect. <3

  2. odličen look ! vse tako odlično paše skupaj ! vesele praznike ;)

  3. zelo lepo in ful kjutkani uhančki!

  4. Sretan Bozic :) super su i nokti i make up look :)

  5. Merry Christmas Taya! I so enjoy reading your blog here in Texas. You would be surprised how much we are alike! The best to you and your family!

    1. Thank you, it's nice to hear that. I hope you had an amazing holidays. :D

  6. divan look. od guzve kasnim sa prezadnjm manikurom, sutra radim božićnu i odmah iza novogodišnju. od posla nisam stigla ranije

  7. Lepo:) Ombre ustnice so mi zelo všeč:))

    1. Hvala. :) Dejansko se mi je zdelo, da se na sliki za ombre prehod niti ne opazi tako, res dobro opazuješ. :)