Blogmas 2014: Currently Obsessed With #2

Burning candles
I know some people burn candles all year around, but I start in November and end up around Januar/Februar. Burning candles has a huge connection with Christmas to me. My favourite scents are vanilla and a cinnamon/apple scent. I  mostly buy these two scents. There's not better thing than lying in the bed, reading a good book or watching a favourite show and smelling the vanilla or cinnamon in the air. :))

Catrice Lip Smoothers
I can't avoid mentioning beauty products in this blog series, I guess. At the moment I'm really loving Catrice lip smoothers. The fact that these are lipglosses, which can be easy to apply even without a mirror, moisturize my lips and give them a nice shine, just made me fall in love with them.

My new boots
These stole my heart immediately as I saw them in Deichman. I tried them on, liked them, but didn't bought them immediately, which tortured me for so long, that I went back to Deichman and purchased them. I'm wearing them constantly since them. Of course these are not made for long walks, but they are comfortable enough that my feet doesn't hurt after few hours at work.

Yogurt with straccitella taste
I can't tell how much a adore this dessert. It's probably not the healthiest thing to eat, but I can't resist it, it's so good. This is my favourite because of small chocolate pieces in it. ;)

Okay, the second favourite food is more healthy. My most favourite thing about winter are probably mandarins. If there's a thing I could eat a ton of it and never get over it, that are mandarins. Although peeling them isn't the most pleasant thing in the world.  

Mamma Mia soundtrack
The other day I watched Mamma Mia movie again and since then I'm listening the soundtrack from the movie every day. Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried are such good singers. My favourite songs from soundtrack are: The Name of the Game, Mamma Mia, Does Your Mother Know, Lay All Your Love on Me.

Which are your currently random obsessions at the moment? Thank you for reading!

9 komentarjev

  1. Ravno kurim dve sveči naenkrat in jem mandarine, hahaha :D
    Sem pa trenutno že rahlo preveč obsedena s čaji, sploh jih ne morem nehat kupovat :D

  2. Čevlji <3 moram pogledat v Deichamnna že dolgo nisem bila tam, need new shoes :D
    Pa sveče so zakon za takle čas, js jih sicer šparam trenutno, ker mi jih je škoda (zaradi viroze itak ne voham nič) :D

    1. A niso lepi? Jaz sem čisto zaljubljena. :)

  3. Sveče!! Trenutno sem tudi jaz obsedena z njimi, jih kar pri Yankee candels nabavim in res super dišijo. Mandarine se fajn priležejo ob večerih in tale jogurt s stračatelo je božanski.

    1. Yankee ma res super sveče. Škoda, da pri nas nikjer ni fizične trgovine, da bi jih lahko hodila vohat in kupovat (nekako se mi zdi neumno kupovati svečo prek spleta, če je prej ne povoham, ker meni redko kaj diši :P). :D

  4. Hi! :)

    So fun you're doing blogmas. I'm also doing blogmas, and I have to admit that during these months I'm obsessed with everything Christmas related. I'd love to try out the catrice lip smoothers :) Have never tried that before.


    1. This year I got early into a Christmas mood. :)