Blogmas 2014: Comparison of White Nail Polishes

It's hard to find a good white nail polish with cream finish that would be opaque in two coats. Usually they have too watery formula, are sheer and require three coats, apply streaky or even contain tiny shimmer in it. Today I'm going to talk about four white nail polishes, that are, surprisingly, all quite good.
I’m actually not even sure why I decided to post this comparison, because you can’t really notice the difference between white polishes on photos, but formulas definitely aren’t the same and polishes do differ.

Essie Blanc – this one has great creamy formula, that applies evenly and it covers the nail completely in two coats. When it dries it looks glossy on nails. It contains 10 ml and it costs 9,95 €. In Slovenia is available at DM.

Catrice On the Top of the Alps – this is a white polish that contains tiny shimmer, which isn’t really visible on nails. It applies streaky, so it needs at least two or three coats to look even. I usually apply two coats, first thin and second thicker. Although it can still look streaky after second coat, I always do a nail art over it and then apply a top coat, which covers all imperfections. It dries semi matte. It contains 10 ml and it costs 2,69 €. It’s available at Müller. I’m not sure if you can also get it at DM, because I never check Catrice stand there.
Essence Wild White Ways – this Essence white polish is very similar to Catrice one. It also dries semi-matte, it needs at least two coats to be opaque, but I have a feeling that it applies less streaky and, of course, it doesn’t contain any shimmer. The bottle contains 8 ml and it’s available at Müller for 1,69 €.

S-he Stylezone 115 – this one has a bit more watery formula than other three, but still thick enough that it can cover the nail in two coats. Okay, have in mind that I usually apply thicker coats; I never go with very thin ones. You can get this polish at DM for 2,50 € (10 ml). But the last time I found it in section, where they have products that won’t be available anymore, so I think it’s discontinued.

Essence and Catrice polishes are marked as “colour intensifying base coats”, which means that they should be applied as base coats for coloured nail polishes. That makes me think that someone out there must be a bit crazy. If you apply a regular base coat, then two or three coats of a white nail polish, after that two coats of coloured polish and you finish with a top coat, that means 6 or 7 coats. Are you f* kidding me? Why would anyone want to apply a white polish under a regular coloured nail polish, if that one is already enough opaque on its own? If you want to achieve a good intensity of a coloured polish, white base must be strong, so two coats are minimal. If coloured nail polish isn’t thick enough and opaque in one coat, the application will look uneven with one coat over a white base, so that definitely means at least four coats and that’s just too much for one simple manicure.  I definitely find white polishes as a great base for neon shades, because they made them pop out, but that’s it. Girls, if you’re going to buy Catrice or Essence white polish, use it as a regular polish, because otherwise you’ll have too much coats on and your manicure will chip faster.

First photo: left are 2 coats of Catrice On the Top of the Alps and on right 2 coats of Essence Wild White Ways.
Second photo: I applied one coats of Bourjois Amande Defile over each polish.
Third photo: I applied two coats of Bourjois Amande Defile over each polish. This means I'm wearing four coats on my nails without base coat and top coat and since this shade is very sheer it doesn't look completely opaque yet.
On many blogs you can read that Essie Blanc is favourite white polish of many bloggers, and I love it a lot as well, but for a person like me, who uses a white polish a lot and finishes two or three bottles of it in a year, Essie isn't a good investment. That means that I'd spend around 30 € a year for a white polish. No go. But I'd say Essie is a good decision for those who wear white polish very rarely, because it’ll last you for a long time. For me the best choices are cheap white polishes and now I actually have quite a nice selection; at least until Essence or Catrice don’t decide to discontinue those polishes. I especially find Essence very good and I think this one will become my first choice while buying a white polish.

Do you like white nail polishes? Which one is your favourite? Thank you for reading!