Blogmas 2014: Christmas Trip to Graz and a Graz Haul

What I really love about December are Christmas trips. My boy and I decide to go visit one each year. Last year we went to Salzburg, well, this year we decided to go nearer, in Graz. I adore Graz, to me it's the most beautiful city and I definitely see myself living there. The second thing that made me very happy about the trip is shopping. In the center of Graz are many stores that sell products that are not available by us and it feels amazing looking and swatching all the testers of the products. Although the shopping in December isn't the most nice, because the stores are small and crowdy, so I didn't have time to check everything I wanted. 

The first place we visited is Zotter, a chocolate store and a factory. They have such a huge selection of different tastes of chocolate and the ones that I tried were very good.

Then we went in Gnas, on a family farm where they sell Christmas decorations and wreaths. 

Next stop was a church Mariatrost

And finally we arrived in Graz. We had a little tour around the center and then we had a free time. Unfortunatelly it started to rain cats and dogs in the evening, but the trip was still very pretty. 

And now let's go to the haul part. In H&M I bought a set of 6 nail polishes and few rings. I bought the set because of a second polish in it. It's a gorgeous glittery polish. Four of the polishes are a part of my December giveaway, so if you want to win them, click here

Since we only have Yves Rocher in Ljubljana and I don't go much there (I love physical stores when it comes to smelly stuff, because I have to sniff at product before buying it) I decided to go to the store in Graz. I bough few of their shower gels, because I really adore them. I got Cocoa&Orange, Magnolia Flower and Coffee Beans scents. I'm not a huge fan of coffee, but I love its scent, so I had to get this shower gel. And the Cacao&Orange gel smells literally like dark chocolate with orange flavour, amazing. 

I also went to The Body Shop, but there were so many people in there that I barely had a place to check everything. But I did smell vanilla scented products and I loved them so much that I wanted to get some. They had gift packages, so I took two that contained a shower gel, a soap, a hand cream and a body butter.

I can't believe that our DM doesn't have all Ebelin makeup tools. I took the chance to peek into an Austrian one and bought a makeup sponge, a blending brush and a curler. 

I visited three more stores. In Lush I bought Santa's lip scrub, because I really wanted to try it. In Flormar my darling got me a glittery nail polish, which is also amazing, and in Mac I got a lipstick that was on my WL for a very long time, a Lady Danger. It's so exciting to finally own a Mac product. :)

Did you go on any Christmas trip this year? What do you think about my haul? Thank you for reading!