Blogmas 2014: Chic Things for Smart Girls

There's a new beauty box in town. Online store Click2chic decided to create their own beauty box and they call it Chic things for smart girls. I wasn't really sure if I should order it or not, because I didn't know what to expect, but when they started to reveal products they put in the box I placed my order and I'm really happy that I did. I received it yesterday, so this won't be a review, but I want to share my first impression about the box and present you all products in it. 

The box is from cardboard and it's quite big, I'd say it's in the size of A4 paper. You get 7 products in it, three of them are full size products and others are samples - but you get a generous amount of each sample. The price of this package is 17,35 € (if you order for more than 15 €, you get a free shipping). Till yesterday they had a special offer, the price was 14,99 €. 

Subrina Spicy Orange shower gel
full size: 250 ml, price: 1,59 €
Till now I only tried Subrina hair products, so this will be interesting to try. It smells like orange and to me this scent is amazing (similar to Yves Rocher Cocoa&Orange, just that Subrina doesn't smell like cocoa). 

Bomb Cosmetics Candy Box soap
full size: 100 g, price: 3,18 €
Bomb Cosmetics soaps are hand made and they contain essential oils. Candy Box should smell like orange and bergamot. I probably won't open this soap for a while, because some time ago I started to use Bomb Cosmetics soap Santa Baby and you know that these soaps last for a very long time. I'm going to review Santa Baby soon on my blog, but I can already tell you that I love it, it foams better than any other soap I tried, it cleans my hands nicely and the scent it leaves it's just amazing. 

Alfaparf Reparative Shampoo for damaged hair
60 ml, price: 3,97 € (full size 250 ml, price: 10,31 €)
I admit I haven't heard for this brand before I ordered this box (shame on me), but Anna says that this is her favourite shampoo and I believe her that it's good. I personally love to try new shampoos and this one will come very handy, because since I'm working every evening till 10 p. m. I sometimes don't take care for my hair as I should (going to bed with wet hair is definitely not the best idea. The reasons why I wash my hair when I come from work and not always in the morning are different, so we want discuss this now). 

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain LA Exclusive
full size, 10,89 €
The main reason why I ordered this box is a Revlon stain. I heard so many good things about these stains. I got the shade LA Exclusive, which is a gentle baby pink shade. It made a very good first impression which actually surprised me a bit since their lip butter was disappointing. The shade looks very gentle on the lips, so I think it would suit anyone, it's moisturizing and comfortable to wear. This products will definitely get a separate review in the future. After few more tryouts I'll let you know if it's worth the money or not.

Subrina Professional Hair Code First Touch
sample: 15 ml (full size: 150 ml, price: 5,29 €)
I'm not the biggest fan of hair sprays, because I rarely use them, so sample sizes are perfect for me. This one even has UV filter to protect hair from sun, so it will come handy in the summer, when I do try more hair styles, because I have long hair and it's too hot in the summer to have them down. Its scent isn't so bad, but a bit too strong to me. I don't know why all hairy sprays have to have such strong scents. 

Moroccanoil Light
sample: 10 ml (25 ml costs 16,78 €, 100 ml costs 42,70 €)
I wasn't much of a fan of Moroccanoil, I didn't find it anything special according to the hype it's getting. The light version is designed for bright and for thin hair. My hair isn't bright, but it is thin, so I'm curious to try it and to see, if there's any difference with normal version. 

L'erbolario samples
L'rerbolario samples came in such a cute flower designed packaging. I got five samples from different collections: Papavero Soave body cream, 3 Rosa body cream, Papavero Soave bubble bath, All'Olio di Argan hand cream, Viola perfume. 

From my personal opinion and experience I can say I'm very satisfied with the content of this box. Shower gel, lip product, soap, hair oil, shampoo are products that I love to use and I often buy them myself. I know the content may not correspond to everyone, because not everyone has the same taste and likes the same products, but I definitely think it's worth the money. This box is definitely a great way how to test new products and even the box itself is high quality. I haven't decided yet what I'll keep in it, maybe palettes, because it's big and so is my palette collection.

Have you ordered your Chich Things for Smart Girls palette? How do you like the content? Thank you for reading!