Blogmas 2014: Catrice Viennart ARTful Red

Catrice limited edition collection Viennart hit our stores last week. There were some interesting products, and although I felt like I don't need anything special, there was one polish that caught my eye and I decided to try it. I’m talking about ARTful Red nail polish.

I’m not even sure if I should talk about the brush of this polish, because is a crappy one, as most of Catrice brushes from regular line are. Bristles are not equally cut and that kind of a brush enables easy application, especially on short nails. You just can’t apply it nicely near cuticle and often it ends up on it. But otherwise the ARTful Red is a gorgeous shade. It’s a burgundy red shade and it contains a lot of golden shimmer, which is nicely visible on nails. It has a bit thicker formula, so its pigmentation is very good, but it still needs two coats to look even on nails. The drying time is average, but fast drying top coat is a must for someone who’s in a hurry. I love the shade, it’s a perfect for this festive season we’re currently in, so don’t be surprised if you’re going to see me using it many times by different nail art manicures. On my nails it lasted around two days, like most of other polishes, and it also isn’t the hardest polish to remove. The polish contains 10 ml and I pay 2,79 € for it. 

Did you get anything from Catrice Viennart collection? What do you think about this polish? Thank you for reading!