365 Days Photo Challenge: Day 349 - Day 365

This is the last post for 365 days photo challenge. Uf, it was hectic. Hectic, but beautiful. There were days I had no inspiration and there were days I took many gorgeous photos. On one hand I'm glad it ended, but on the other I got so use to taking photos each day that I'll miss it. But I'm happy that I proved to myself that I can finish a challenge, even if it lasts a year. :)

Day 349: Kitties.

Day 350: A Christmas tree at work before being decorated. 

Day 351: Being a Secret Santa.

Day 352: Nature.

Day 353: My Secret Santa gift.

Day 354: Finally saw last Hobbit movie.

Day 355: Christmas crib in Banovci.

Day 356: A cute Christmas decoration I bought in Graz. 

Day 357: Working in the woods (eating actually).

Day 358: Celebrating holidays with co-workers.

Day 359: Our new Christmas tree.

Day 360: Do you wanna build a snowman?

Day 361: Watching comedy "Car romance" (Avtomobilska romanca).

Day 362: I guess winter is officially here, since it started to snow.

Day 363: A wall of snow that wind created.

Day 364: Going for a walk.

Day 365: Preparing my annual post for my blog.

Thank you for watching!

3 komentarji

  1. Cestitke <3 znam koliko je ovo bilo tesko izvesti :D

    1. Hvala. :)
      Velikokrat sem bila na tem, da bi opustila izziv, tako da sem toliko bolj ponosna, da mi je uspelo. :)

  2. i to je to... svaka čast na upornosti, nije lako svaki dan se iti sjetiti nečeg a kamoli napraviti