365 Days Photo Challenge: Day 321 - Day 348

Day 321: Sweet Beauty.

Day 322: Pawprint. 

Day 323: Ducks flying to south. 

Day 324: Beautiful sunset.

Day 325: My new necklace.

Day 326: Museum in our village.

Day 327: Fogy day.

Day 328: Light.

Day 329: Orchid.

Day 330: Sweet tooth. I'm a bit obsessed with Toffifee lately. 

Day 331: Decoration at work.

Day 332: Notd.

Day 333: Advent wreath.

Day 334: Advent exhibition. 

Day 335: My blog passes 1 million views. Amazing. :)

Day 336: Yellow OOTD.

Day 337: In the library.

Day 338: Golden manicure I simply adore.

Day 339: Chandelier. 

Day 340: Festive in Graz.

Day 341: Chocolate lollipop from Zotter.

Day 342: My new rings from Born Pretty Store. I don't wear them all at once, I just wanted to show them to you. :)

Day 343: It's already dark outside when I go to work.

Day 334: Did some decoration at work.

Day 335: The most beautiful sunset I ever saw. 

Day 336: Doing some makeup for Christmas challenge. 

Day 337: Beautiful sky.

Day 338: A Christmas tree.

Thank you for reading!

7 komentarjev

  1. Waw, verižica in prstani so krasni! :D

  2. Wow, the sunset!!! Once again, so many pretty photos :D

  3. I love all of the pictures! Those rings are stunning :O :D

  4. zlatna manikura mi je bas krasna, a tofiffe joj sto bi sad smazala koji :D