Tutorial: Impress Manicure

Today I have something different for you. It's a tutorial for Impress Manicure. I personally I'm not a fan of fake nails, so this was a very interesting experience for me.

What is Impress Manicure? Impress Manicure are actually fake nails that enable easy and quick manicure. You need zero drying time and no additional glue. They should last a week on your nails. Impress fake nails come in a transparent packaging in a shape of a nail polish bottle. You get 24 nails of different sizes and first you have to choose sizes that will fit your nails. If none of the fake nails fits your nails, take the bigger one, because if you're going to use smaller your nail will be visible underneath.

Before you start applying fake nails, you have to use the prep-pad that you receive in the packaging. It will clean all the oils from your nails and it'll enable longer wear of fake nails. Then you take first fake nail, remove transparent plastic from the glue and glue it on your nail. You just place it on your nail and press on each side to make sure that the glue will stick the nail nicely. I recommend you to start with the pinkie and finish with the thumb, because thumb will be a helper by removing plastic from each fake nail and the plastic is easier to remove with your own nails than fake ones. Repeat this last step on each nail and then you're done.

- easy to apply
- no drying time
- easy to remove
- big choice of different patterns
- they should last around a week

- I received nails with "medium lenght" label on, but they are soo long. I had long nails when I was shooting this tutorial and fake nails were about a half cm longer. This length is for you, if you adore very long nails, but otherwise I'd recommend smaller size.
- These are not very cheap. The price is around 14 € and you can do 2 manicures with them. I'd say these are good for special occasion, but not to wear them all the time.
- They can damage the surface of a nail when you're removing them. It's true they are very easy to remove, but the glue is very strong. 

I didn't wear them for a week, because I didn't feel very comfortable wearing them, but that's probably also because I'm not use to wearing fake nails. I'd say these nails are great for girls that don't have time to do their nails and for special occasions. You can read Slovenian version of tutorial here and get them in DashBox store or in Müller for 13,99€.

Have you tried Impress Manicure? What do you think about false nails? Thank you for reading!