Swatches of Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoothers Sweet Caramel and Apricot Cream

As a huge fan of lipsticks I surprised myself when I completely felt in love with Catrice lip smoothers. In past I was a huge fan of lip glosses, but in last year or two I didn't reach for them much, although I was buying them all the time, but that change first with Deborah lip gloss (which will be reviewed in the future) and Catrice lip smoothers. I probably wouldn't buy all three shades myself, but when I got two shades I didn't had on Cosnova event, I decided to keep them. My Cake Pop is almost empty already, that much I love it. J

If you’re interested in a review of the shade Cake Pop, check it here, I already wrote about it. Today I’m actually going to show you swatches of other two shades, Sweet Caramel and Apricot Cream. This post won’t be very detailed review, because they are very similar to Cake Pop when it comes to formula and I think I already mentioned everything important there.

Sweet Caramel is a nude shade with brown undertone and Apricot Cream is a peachy shade. They are both sheer, glossy on lips, creamy, moisturizing and non-sticky.  From all three shades Cake Pop has the best colour payoff and its shade is the most visible on my lips. Sweet Caramel and Apricot Cream look very similar on my lips. Both contain tiny shimmer which luckily isn't noticeable after application. The same as Cake Pop they have a nice scent and a sweet taste. These are not very long lasting products, but I don’t mind reapplying them as often as I need, especially because I don’t need any mirror to do that. What I also love very much about these products is that I can apply them over a matte or semi-matte lipstick and they don’t look too glossy, but rather give it a nice, natural shine.

Although I was convinced that I don’t need all three shades, I love them so much that I wouldn't give away any of them. Even if you’re not a lip gloss lover, you’re going to love these. They cost 3,79 € (9 ml) and are available at Müller.

Did you try Catrice lip smoothers? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!