Review and Swatches: Essence Naughty or Nice? Nail Polish Set (Come to Town TE)

At the Essence and Catrice event we had a special chance to peek at new Essence trend edition collection, called Come to Town. The collection itself didn’t really convince me, because I have a feeling it’s very similar to last year’s one, but I really liked nail polish set Naughty or Nice?, so I decided to put it in my Essence bag. 

The set Naughty or Nice? contains three nail polishes, two cream polishes and one golden topper. None of them has a special name, which is not really nice and can be confusing, when someone asks you, what nail polish are you wearing and you say, it’s a red from that nail set from that limited edition collection, you know. It’s better to say I’m wearing Little Red Riding Hood or Santa’s Hat or something similar (I’m making this up and it’s not even good, but you get the point). The bottles are small; each contains 6 ml of product. They have small narrow brush, which is easy to work with and enables an easy application of a nail polish. Cream polishes have good formula, not to thick or too runny, and they need to be applied in two coats to cover the nail completely. The topper is also great; it doesn’t have too thick formula and the glitter transfers nicely on nails. On the bottles of creamy shades is says that they should dry fast and I’d say they dry faster than Essence polishes from regular assortment, but a fast drying top coat is a must for me anyway. On me these polishes last the same amount of time as any other nail polish, cheap or expensive, that is two days.

This one is a nice red shade. I’d say it has a slight pink undertone, but that’s maybe just my seeing. It’s opaque in two coats. 

A gorgeous plum shade, my favourite from this set and also a reason I got it. This one is definitely a great shade for fall and winter and I love its finish, which makes it a great base for nail art or stamping. It’s opaque in two coats. 

The topper contains small round and big hexagonal golden glitter. This is probably the least special nail polish in this set, especially if you buy Essence polishes for longer period, because they launched many similar golden toppers few times before. 

If I conclude, I’m very satisfied with this set. Both creamy nail polishes are gorgeous and the topper is also nice, although I have one or two similar ones in my stash already. This collection will be available in Slovenian drugstores in November (which means we can expect it soon). This set will cost around 3,5€. I think this would be a nice Christmas gift for you friend and even if you like only one shade from the set, you can always give away other shades to your friends or readers (if you’re a blogger). 

What do you think about these polishes? Thank you for reading!