Random Sunday #48

While browsing through my old posts searching for one particular photo I wanted to post in a beauty tag few days ago I noticed that my last Random Sunday was posted in March. I had in mind to start posting this series again, because I miss it, and when I saw it's been more than a half year since last post I knew I had to do one today. This one will be more beauty orientated and I probably won't post them regular every Sunday from now on, at least not until I finish 365 days photo challenge. 

When you try to take a good photo of your makeup and the wind is playing with your hair.

I won Born Pretty Store plate 03 in their giveaway and completely felt in love with it. Here I upgraded P2 Crazy Beauty with gorgeous flower design (I also used Essence Icy Fairy and Black is Back). 

I finally got MasterCard and now I can shop online abroad, too. I ordered this two MoYou plates few days ago and I can't wait to get them. I'm specially excited because of a Christmas plate, I just hope I'll get it before Christmas day, because I want to try all designs. :) 

I found one Slovenian magazine with this beautiful winter creative look on the cover and bought it immediately, because I want to recreate this look so badly. I hope I'll find some time this week (and that the weather will cooperate too, the fogy weather isn't the best for taking photos). 

This is a gradient manicure I did for a review of Born Pretty Store studs, but didn't like it enough, so I'm posting it here. I used Essie Fiji, a plum shade and a golden topper from Essence Naughty or Nice? set. 

Another manicure that was never posted anywhere. I did it back in September for 31 day challenge (metallic nails), but didn't like it enough so I did something else. 

I can't believe how much darker the lightest shade of Catrice Velvet Finish foundation is from the lightest shade of Nude Ilussion foundation. Is Catrice forgetting that in Europe live a lot of pale girls? I decided to give Velvet Finish foundation away, because there's no point of me keeping it since it's way too dark for me and it acts very similar on my skin as Nude Illusion.

Wearing lipstick Annie 19, which I got in a swap with Natalie. It's an amazing shade. 

That's it for today. Maybe next time I'll have for you more Christmasy Random Sunday, we'll see. Thank you for reading!