NOTD: A Yellow Rose

The fall season doesn't mean you have to put away neon shades. I certainly won't stop using them during these colder months. This week the weather wasn't very happy, so I decided to cheer myself up with a bright manicure. As a base I used Catrice On the Top of the Alps. I did a gradient with GT Cosmetics No 5 and on the tips of my nails I applied Yes Love G11-6. On my index finger I created a flower with neon leaf studs

It's no secret that I love studs. It's true my love was born pretty late, but I think they are a great addition to a manicure. I got square and leaf designed studs from Born Pretty Store, and what I especially love about them is that they are small and easy to use. These would actually look good even on smaller nails. Advantage of them being small is also in a fact that they last longer on nails. I just seal them with a top coat and they last on nails until I remove them. By bigger studs I noticed that they can fall off quickly after an application. These studs are available at Born Pretty Store for $3.67. In the set you get 300 pieces of studs. Also check out my Instagram account here and here to see more nail art manicures I created with these studs. If you're going to shop at Born Pretty Store use my discount code "DFL91".  

What do you think about my manicure? Do you like using studs on your nails? Thank you for reading!
*This product was sent to me for review.

12 komentarjev

  1. I agree! O love neons and I can't imagine putting them away for Autumn or Winter :D
    I wear them all year round :D

    Ps. When I saw your manicure I thought of first flowers growing from under the snow in Spring :D

    1. Neons are my favourite, I just can't stop wearing them. <3

  2. slažem se, kad ti se nešto sviđa nosi kad god poželiš, to se naročito odnosi na nokte :D

  3. The studs are simply amazing. Love the colors for they fit any nail color. Love what you did with your nails.

  4. Bolje receno neon rose :D svidja mi se :)

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