New In (November 2014)

It's like I'm still in October, I constantly write October favourites, October new in. Geez, Tatjana, it's the end of November, in two days the most festive month of the year will began - December. Are you excited for December as I am? I'm doing Blogmas, Christmas challenge, I'm going on a Christmas trip in Graz ... It's going to be fun. But I won't bore you anymore, let's see what I got during November. 

First are some random stuff, I guess. I bought Ebelin makeup wipes, which are very useful while swatching or doing makeup. Then I bought some products from Afrodita: Jojoba Oil shower gel (which I love), Micellar Solution (it's good) and a tonic, which was recommended by many bloggers and now I see why, it's really good. I have the one for dry skin and it really helps moisturizing the skin. 
Do you ever buy a product because of a cute packaging? I do. That's why I bought La Habana shower gel, because it has a gorgeous vintage packaging. :)

It happens so many times to me that I buy a new lip balm and after few usages I lose it somewhere. So I purchased two extra lip balms to have them on my desk near computer. I got Maybelline Electro Baby Lips Pink Shock and Strike a Rose. I heard that these are better than "regular" Maybelline Baby Lips, but I wouldn't agree. I personally find them less moisturizing, but they definitely have better pigmentation. Because girl can never have enough brushes I got two more Essence Eye Blender brushes. Blending is very important, you know. :) From Born Pretty Store I received plate 03 as a giveaway prize and I loved it so much, that I presented it as a part of my November favourites.  

This month I received two P2 products from Moja drogerija for testing: nail polish Crazy Beauty and Glow Up! highlighter High Beam. We also got a chance to buy Zoeva brushes with a discount and I decided for Concealer Buffer and Silk Finish. I love both brushes a lot. Now I definitely see why Zoeva brushes are so praised, the quality of their brushes is really high. Of course you can expect a review soon.

Mercator had 1+1 offer on Palmolive products and I decided to get 4 shower gels Mild&Sensitive, Delicate Care, Calming Pleasure and Nourishing Delight. I decided to give three to my mum and keep one for myself, but she didn't want all three, so I kept for myself first two. 

I received Impress Manicure to do a tutorial for it. After my first DashBox review the team that creates it contacted me and we exchanged few emails. The team was so nice to me, although my review wasn't positive at all, and they asked me to do nail tutorial for them. Because they were so nice to me and they excepted my review so good, I decided to say yes and do a tutorial for them. Not everyone excepts a bad review of a product so good, some brands can be actually pretty rude, but let's not talk about this now.

MoYou London brand has such amazing stamping plates, that I had to order two plates immediately as I got MasterCard. I decided for Pro 04 and Festive 06. I felt in love with Festive plate immediately and I already started to create Christmas inspired manicures. I post them on Instagram and Facebook, but don't worry, you're going to see them few here on blog, too. I don't have in mind posting a review about these plates, but if you're interested, let me know and I'll do it for you. :)

On Twitter I won Aida's (Lippie Hippie) giveaway and the prize was La Roche-Posay Hydreane Legere face cream, which has very positive reviews among beauty bloggers, so I was so happy when I saw I'll have a chance to try it myself. I just started to use it, but I'll definitely let you know what I think about it.

Today the postman visited me and brought me this gorgeous package from Click2Chic. I received handmade soup Santa Baby from Bomb Cosmetics, which smells divine. In the package there were also two polishes Models Own Carat Coral and Models Own Copacabana. Expect reviews as a part of my Blogmas next month. 

I'm going to smell nice. :) I was at Tuš drugstore and I couldn't resist, I had to buy three I Love... shower gels. I got Raspberry Vanilla, Choca Mocha lala and Minty Choco Chip. They smell sooooo nice, especially the last one. I can see why bloggers love them (did you count how many times did I write this/similar sentence today? :D)

And for the end few purchases from yesterday. In Müller I got few new pretty nail polishes: Essence I Heart My Blue Jeans, Essence Never Stop Dreaming, Catrice ARTful Red from Viennart LE and Essence BTGN fast drying top coat. I also put two Afrodita masks in my shopping basket. Both should moisturize the skin, so I'm very curious to try them. I probably won't review them, but you're definitely going to read about them on my blog, probably in one of Empties post. 

Uf, that was a long list of purchases. What did you get in November? Also, let me know if you're interested in a review of any of the products. Thank you for reading!