Monthly Favourites of November

I already bragged about this polish in my review post. It's really a gorgeous shade with an amazing formula and a brush. It also says a lot that I've been wearing it nonstop for a last week and a half. When it chipped I just removed and reapplied it. For a person who gets bored of a shade after a day already, not only two days, that really says a lot. Slovenian girls can get P2 brand at Moja drogerija.

Greenland Fruit Emotions hand cream lime-vanilla
I didn't expect much from this cream, but it stole my heart immediately. It's very light, but also nourishing; it sinks into the skin fast, moisturizes it and makes it soft. I also thought that the combination of lime and vanilla won't smell nice to me, but it actually does, a lot. It's such a fresh scent. You can get it here and here.

A palette with four golden/brown shimmery shades is a perfect palette for me to wear every day, because I prefer shimmery than matte shades. These are great pigmented and I have a feeling that they make my eyes bigger (it probably has something to do with the fact that I like to apply the lightest shade in the inner corner of my eye). These eyeshadows have been on my eyes a lot lately. I just reviewed it yesterday, so click here to read what I had to say about it.

Catrice lipstick Mauve Your Lips
When I first swatched this shade it didn't blew me away. I actually expected I won't like it at all on me, but it convinced it’s a perfect shade for me after first application already. It's a mauve shade with a purple/pink undertone and it's a perfect nude shade to combine it with every single look. I noticed that I reach for it a lot and I already showed you few looks where I'm wearing it. The pigmentation is nice, it also has a good formula and although the duration time isn't the strongest, I can forgive it that, because it's a nude shade after all and I can expect from it to last for hours and hours.

Catrice blush Mandy-rine 
Defining blushes are one of the best products from Catrice, if you ask me. Mandy-rine is a new shade from fall/winter assortment change and it’s a gorgeous peachy shade. I was always bigger fan of pink or coral shades, so I couldn’t believe that I felt in love with this blush so quickly. I think it gives my face such a fresh and natural look. The pigmentation is amazing and it lasts for hours on my skin. Since is matte I like to combine it with different highlighters to give my skin a healthy glow. You can see how it looks on me here.

Zoeva 102 Silk Finish brush
Although I do love Real Technique Expert Face brush a lot, I always hoped that there exists even a better brush which would enable me even quicker and easier application. And it does – Zoeva 102 Silk Finish. While RT can leave brush strokes on my face and I need to pay more attention to a nicer application of a liquid foundation, the story with 102 is totally different. It doesn’t leave any brush strokes, it blends foundation into the skin perfectly and much quicker than RT. Bristles are very soft and friendly to the skin. I felt in love with this brush immediately and I had to mention it in this month’s favourites.

Born Pretty Store plate 03
I won a giveaway on Born Pretty Store and for the prize I chose their new plate 03. Since I got it I created many manicures with it, because it has so many lovely designs. I can’t even decide which one is my favourite because they enable so many different combinations. Of course, if you want to see manicures I created with it, check out my Instagram account (but not all are published).

Which products did you love in October? Thank you for reading!