Insta Nails #2

It's been few weeks since I last posted manicures from my Instagram on my blog. Since the first post was very good accepted and not everyone is following me on Instagram, I decided to continue with Insta Nails posts on my blog. Because I post them every now and then, there will be a lot of manicures in this post, some are very old (from August). I won't write each polish I used for every manicure, but if you're interested in any certain shade that you like, just ask me in a comment below and I'll tell you there. :)

Neon geometric nails, Dotted, Neon leopard print.

Skittle manicure, GT Cosmetics No2, Gradient with OPI Black Spotted. 

Purple skittle, Pineapple nails, Cat stamping manicure. 

Green geometric nails, Half moon gradient, Fall skittle manicure.

Depend 35, Framed nails, Poppy nails. 

Metallic nails, Catrice First Class Up-grape and Essence Icy Fairy, Movember nails.

Cat stickers, Fall nails, Halloween nails.

Vintage rose desing, Fall skittle manicure, Black rose design.

P2 Precious, Stamping with BPS plate 03, Flower nail stickers.

Tell me, which one is your favourite? Thank you for reading!