FOTD: Purple Smoky Look (Tutorial)

Last week I shared this simple smoky look with you on Facebook and a lot of you asked me to do a tutorial for it. I wasn't planning to post this look separately, because I was taking photos for a review of P2 highlighter High Beam, but your wish is my command, so here are the look and a tutorial. 

I started with a black base. I used Tokoyo longlasting eyeliner 508, which I applied all over the lid and then blended it. This eyeliner dries fast, so you have to blend it immediately after application, because otherwise it doesn't blend that well, and that happen to me, as you can see, because I was taking photos for a tutorial and pencil dried a bit meanwhile. When I blended the pencil I applied purple eyeshadow Turn the TV Off from Makeup Revolution Dia de los Muertos palette all over the lid. The application doesn't need to be perfect, because we're going to blend everything in next step. I used There is Always a Way Back, a mauve matte shade from Dia de los Muertos palette, to blend the purple and to make a transition color for black. In outer V I used black matte eyeshadow from Sleek Acid palette. Black shade in outer corner is always a must for me when doing a smoky look. 
I repeated same steps on lower lash line as well. First I applied Tokoyo pencil on lower lash line and on waterline and then blended it. Here I didn't use a purple shade, but the electric blue eyeshadow Or Get Busy Dying from Dia de los Muertos palette. I highlighted my browbone and inner corner of my eye with P2 highlighter High Beam. In the end I applied Essence Lash Princess mascara and the look was done. 

Products I used:
- Catrice Nude Illusion Nude Ivory

- Catrice Velvet Finish Velvet Ivory
- Catrice Color Correcting mattifying powder Delicate Blossom
- Sleek Face Form Fair (bronzer)
- P2 High Beam highlighter
- Catrice Mandy-rine 

- Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
- Tokoyo longlasting eyeliner 508
- Makeup Revolution Dia de los Muertos
- Sleek Acid
- Essence Lash Princess mascara
- Essence Love Brunettes from How to Make Brows Wow palette

- Catrice Let's Mauve On

I hope you like the look and a tutorial for it. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Uau! Všeč! :)

    Bom probala definitivno tudi sama tole ustvarit :)

    1. Hvala, Katja. pa upam, da vidim tvoj look. :)

  2. What a gorgeous look! The purple really suits you :D

  3. Lepo, krasen odtenek vijolične! x

  4. Odlično izgleda i super ti stoji, jako mi se sviđa :)

  5. Ful lepo :) Me zanima če imaš morda kak predlog za namesto Tokoyo longlasting eyeliner 508? :)

    1. Jaz sem tega uporabila, ker sem ga dobila pred kratkim v swapu, ampak po moje bi vsak malce mehkejši svinčnik v črni barvi deloval. Mogoče NYX-ov jumbo svinčnik v črni barvi? Sicer ga nisem sprobala, ampak njihov bel se meni super obnese kot baza. Sem pa včasih uporabljala tudi Catrice črn svinčnik, ki je bil v LE paletah (San Francisco ...) in je bil tudi ok, je pa trši in se težje zblenda.

  6. Zelo lepo:) Meni so itak vijolični odtenki vedno pri srcu:)

  7. ovo mi je baš divan look moram pronać štogod slično u svojoj kolekciji da ga rekreiram :D