Comparison: Essence Golden Toppers

In my review of Essence set Naughty or Nice I mentioned that the topper isn't really unique, because Essence released many similar toppers during the years. I went to check in my stash all Essence toppers I bought and decided to compare them all together. I also added one Catrice topper, which reminded me on my Essence toppers. First I’m going to present and describe each polish and in the end I’ll pass my conclusions. I swatched all golden toppers over Essence Black is Back.

Catrice Gold Leaf – this one has small round golden glitter and big silver hexagonal glitter.

Essence Make It Golden – this is probably my all time favourite Essence topper, but unfortunately discontinued. It has small round and big hexagonal glitter, but its base contains a lot of shimmer, so it colors the base.

Essence The Huntsman – I’d say this one has more brownish undertone. Otherwise it also contains small round glitter and big golden hexagonal glitter. Beside that it also has golden flakies in it, which makes is unique.

Essence My Sparkling Acrobat – this one has small round and big square glitter.

Essence Steel-ing the Scene – I probably wouldn’t add this one to this comparison, if Petra wouldn’t ask if it’s similar to this new Essence topper. Well, it’s not. Steel-ing the Scene contains golden flakies and it’s definitely the most unique topper Essence ever made.

Essence Joy to the World topper – this is a duo polish from last year’s Christmas collection and one part is a golden glitter, obviously. It has smaller hexagonal and big hexagonal golden glitter.

Essence Naughty or Nice golden topper – this one has small hexagonal and big hexagonal glitter.

From L to R: Catrice Gold Leaf, Essence Make it Golden, Essence The Huntsman, Essence My Sparkling Acrobat, Essence Steel-ing the Scene, Essence Joy to the World topper, Essence Naughty or Nice topper.

My conclusion is that although Essence releases golden toppers all the time, it makes them quite different. But I did find two dupes. Last year’s Christmas topper is a dupe for this year’s one. The only difference that can be noticed is that Joy to the World has more yellow undertone, but that’s really minimal difference. If you wanted to get that polish last year and you missed it, definitely get Naughty or Nice set. My favourite topper Essence every made is Make it Golden and second favourite Steel-ing the Scene

From L to R: Essence Joy to the World topper, Essence Naughty or Nice topper. 

Not just the topper, also creamy part of a Joy to the World polish reminded me on this year’s plum shade in the set. I compared them and as you can see, they are a bit different. Joy to the World is a darker and it also has thicker formula than plum shade from Naughty or Nice set. If I’d had to choose my favourite I’d say this year’s plum shade is prettier. 

Do you have any of these toppers in your collection? Which one is your favourite? Thank you for reading!