Comparing the Blues

Blue nail polishes are a huge love of mine. If you’ll peek into my stash, you’ll see that I have few similar shades, but they are not complete dupes. For a non-polish obsessed person those are probably too similar, but for me, who loves nail polishes to the sky and back, they are all special. I checked my stash to see if I have any dupes for P2 Crazy Beauty and guess what? I found one similar shade, but no dupes. 

I compared Essie Avenue Maintain, P2 Crazy Beauty, Catrice It’s All I Can Blue and Essence Via Airmail. The most different from P2 are Essie, which is more a dusty blue, and Essence, which is much darker from all other three shades, actually. The closest to P2 is Catrice shade, but then again they are not dupes, because Catrice is slightly brighter than P2. All of them have good creamy formula, which is easy to apply. Another thing I have to mention is that none of the polishes except of P2 is still available. Essie was a part of last year’s spring collection Madison Ave-hue, Essence was part of Ready for Boarding summer collection two years ago and Catrice already discontinued It’s All I Can Blue. 

I personally like all four polishes a lot and as I said in my post about P2 Crazy Beauty, this polish is quite unique and I would recommend you all to get it. What about you? Do you like blue polishes? Which one is your favourite? Thank you for reading!