Searching for a Perfect Mascara

I know there's no such thing like a perfect mascara, at least not for me, because every one has its own pluses and minuses. Let me tell you about my lashes first. I have long, straight and rare lashes. What I search by mascara is a volume. I use a curler by makeup looks, but for this post I didn't use it, because I wanted to show you how each mascara acts on its own. The funniest thing I learned today while I was swatching mascaras on my eyes is that the best mascaras look the worse on swatches, but the best with makeup looks in person when you're not taking photos. Also, maybe my swatches of mascaras on eyes don't look the best, but that's the only way I know how to do it. Of course this post isn't meant to be a detailed review of each mascara, I just wanted to share my opinion with you about each, what I like and what I don't like about them.

Collistar Infinito mascara
Collistar mascara has a plastic wand with small bristles. I really do like this mascara, because it curles my lashes and it gives them a nice volume, although still not as amazing as Essence I Love Extreme. The mascara is not as wet as Essence one, but still more than others (for example Miyo). It lasts all day with minimal smudging (sometimes I have black spots under my eyes). The removal is very easy and the mascara doesn't irritate my eyes. I definitely do like this one a lot. The only thing that doesn't makes me happy is the price, which is around 20 € (11 ml) and that's a lot for a mascara that you have to change every few months.

Max Factor Excess Volume mascara
Gosh, this is the worse mascara I tried. It has two parts with two different mascaras. First part should give an amazing volume to lashes and second should make them black as night. I won't say this mascara doesn't give any volume to lashes, but it's so unpleasant to wear. At the beginning it was very wet and it stuck lashes together. Now it became drier, but on lashes it still acts the same. When it drys a bit I have a feeling, that it sticks my lashes together when I close my eyes. It crumbles falls off after some time of wearing, I had a lot small black dots under my eyes which isn't really flattering. It's also hard to remove as hell. I have to rub my eyes if I want to get it off completely, which I hate. I received this mascara from Cosmopolitan for a poll they were doing when mascara came out and I never checked its price, so I can't be certain, but I'd say it's around 10 €. It contains 20 ml (each part 10 ml).

Essence The Lash Curler mascara
This is a mascara that should give a volume to lashes, curl and separate them. Well, it's a bit drier mascara and I'd say it's more appropriate for people who like natural look. It gives a bit color to the lashes, but no volume, it curles them a bit and separates them. It's definitely not one of my favourites, because I love mascaras that give volume to my lashes. It's also easy to remove. 10 ml costs around 3€, but I'd say it's not worth the money. 

Essence I Love Extreme mascara
This is definitely my favourite mascara. There are actually two bottles of I Love Extreme mascara, a black and a pink one, and there actually isn't any difference between them, except in brush. The pink one has a plastic and smaller brush, and I find it easier to work with as with black one which has a bigger brush. At the beginning is very wet and I know some people have problems with that, but it doesn't bother me much. I just wipe it off and then apply it, because otherwise it can stick lashes together. This one gives my lashes the most amazing volume. If I don't use a curler it curles lashes a bit, but unfortunately it doesn't hold curles the best when I use a curler. It falls out a bit, because I sometimes find black dots under my eyes, but otherwise it doesn't smudge and gave me panda eyes. Another Essence mascara that costs around 3€, few cents more or less (12 ml), but this one has much better quality as you'd expect judging by the price.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Curl Ultra Black mascara
I already wrote about this mascara before. This is definitely a mascara that didn't offer me anything. It curls lashes only a tiny bit, it gives a little bit of color and no volume. It has pretty dry formula, maybe because of that. It also smudges after few hours. The removal is easy. You can read more about it here: CLICK. This mascara is available at Lič and you'll pay 2,95€ for 5 ml.

Miyo Smokey Big Fat Smoky Lashes mascara
What I've tried from Miyo so far impressed me quite a lot for such an inexpensive brand so I decided to give a go to this mascara. First impression was very good. It has a plastic wand that has longer bristles than Collistar mascara. It lenghtenst the lashes, curles them very nicely, doesn't stick them together - it actually separates them amazingly, better than any other I'm talking about today, but I wish it would gave them a tiny bit more volume. I do like to wear this mascara when I don't wear an eyeliner, but otherwise I prefer using Essence one. It doesn't fall out and it's easy to remove. I bought this mascara at Nama in Ljubljana for around 5€. It contains 10 ml of product.

Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp mascara
Another mascara that should give a volume to lashes, but I'd say that this mascara gives more aof a natural look to lashes than anything else. It separates the lashes and makes them longer, but that's about it for my lashes. I know some girls really love it, but I like to use it manly in a combination with other mascaras. Otherwise, it didn't gave me panda eyes and it's easy to remove. This mascara contains 9 ml and it's available at Yves Rocher for 14,08€.

From all mascaras I showed you today I like the most Essence I Love Extreme Volume mascara, my second favourite is Collistar Infinito (but too expensive) and I also like Miyo Big Fat Smoky Lashes mascara (for separating lashes). All others I'll skip from now on. 

Which ones is your favourite mascara? Thank you for reading!