Products That Disappointed Me #3

If you're a beauty blogger that likes to test new products then disappointment is something that comes along. I was doing a list of products that didn't impress me and since it was quite long, I decided to divide it into two parts. In first post I'm going to talk about skin care and hair products and in second about makeup products.  

Dvorec Trebnik Hair Balm Shea
Dvorec Trebnik is a Slovenian brand of natural cosmetics, which is sold in Mercator. I bought their shampoo and conditioner, and while shampoo is not that bad, conditioner sucks. It promises a lot, but does nothing. It contains shea oil which should nourish the hair and make them soft and shiny. Not even close. This one make my hair feel like a straw, dry and not just that, it also made them look greasy. And no, I didn't use it too much, I use the same amount as I usually use with other conditioners. It isn't expensive, it costs around 2 or 3 €, but I'm avoiding it from now on. 

Mixa Anti-dryness Cleansing Milk 
I can't say Mixa cleansing milk is a bad product, maybe it suits to someone with dry and sensitive skin very well, but I'm not a fan. I admit it's gentle and doesn't irritate my skin, but I don't like. This product is meant to remove makeup gentle and easy, but it doesn't work that well for me, because with it I use two times more cotton pads as with micellar waters. And in the end I still need to use one cotton pad soaked with micellar water to make sure all makeup is gone. Maybe it can work for someone who wears minimal amount of makeup. I also tried it on eyes. It didn't irritate them or anything, but it was hard to remove mascara with it. 

Garnier Pure Active 3in1 Wash Scrub Mask
I probably would never buy this product if I wouldn't ran out of my favourite cleansing gel and it wasn't a Sunday and I'd have more time during week to purchase something else. It's a product with three purposes: it can be used as a daily cleanser, a scrub or a mask. As a daily cleanser it didn't work for me because it was too harsh and it dried my skin, as a scrub unfortunately isn't rough enough for me (I use peeling every now or then, I've become a bit lazy ass) and as a mask I haven't used it because I can't stand its scent for too long. This product costs around 5 € and for me this is total waste of money. 

Garnier Ultra Doux reconstructing conditioner
I already talked about this conditioner before on my blog. It makes my hair greasy, doesn't make them soft and shiny, so it actually doesn't do anything good for them. I tried other Garnier conditioners and those weren't as bad, but I'll avoid this one from now on (gosh, you can't even imagine, how hard it is for me to force myself to finish it, because I don't want to throw away a half full bottle).  

Balea Dusch-Bodymilk trockene haut
This is practically the same product as Nivea In Shower Body Moisturizer. I was very skeptical when Nivea launched their product and didn't want to try it, but when I read on many blogs that Balea is much better and it actually works I had to feed my curiosity. I actually have love-hate relationship with this product. I love its scent, I like the feeling it gives my skin during showering, but does it really work? No. I did a test few times. I washed my body with Balea shower gel and then I used  Balea shower milk on only a half of my body. After that I wiped my body with towel. I didn't notice any difference on the skin, the part where I used shower milk wasn't more moisturized as other part, the level of dryness was actually the same on both sides, so I definitely needed something else to moisturize my skin. But I like to use this product when I want to smell nice, because the scent stays on the skin for quite some time. 

Labello Fruit Shine Cherry
Labello coloured lip balm are nice to use if you want to add a bit color to your lips, but otherwise they do a bad job with moisturizing the lips. Cherry scent isn't any better. It disappears from lips very quickly, after like a half an hour my lips are dry again. I don't know why I even bother buying Labello scented lip balms, because unscented one in blue packaging is the only one that works on my lips.  

Alverde Aqua Peeling Perle
I don't even know where to start with this one. It's bad, really bad. First thing is that it has a strong scent after alcohol (no wonder, it's in a second place on ingredients list). Second thing is that it doesn't feel as peeling at all, it's more like very annoying cleansing gel and the third thing is that it drys my skin like crazy. If you're searching a new peeling, avoid this one. Just don't buy it because you'll regret it. 

Neo Intensive Antipersperant Invisible Dry-cream 
This is third Garnier product in this post. It's a coincidence, I swear. I like the idea of this deodorant, I really do. Specially because it's easy to use, but it doesn't work. At least it didn't work for me. As it says on the packaging it should work for 48 hours, but for me it didn't work not even for 2 hours. Preventing sweating and bad scent? Not even close. When I used it it was actually like I didn't use anything, but I did, because I could feel the gel on my armpit. I wish I'd buy scented bottle, maybe the scent would be stronger as my smelly sweat and I'd had a feeling that it works better (or not). 

Which product did disappoint you lately? Have you tried any of these products, did you like them or not? Thank you for reading!