New In (September 2014)

Another month has past by and I have another new in post for you. This one maybe won't be so interesting to you, but it definitely was exciting for me. This month I received a swap package which made me happy a lot, because I got one of my favourite nail polishes in it (you always have to have a back up bottle of favourite nail polish, don't you think?). I also received a lot of interesting products for review purposes and you'll read more about them this month. Now let's see what I got.

First some random products I bought. I repurchased my favourite face cream Mixa 24hr Moisturizing Anti-dryness cream for dry skin and Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor conditioner, which really made miracle on my hair. I never had such soft and amazing looking hair. New products I purchased are Balea Reinigungs Öl-fluid and their shower gel with mandarine scent, but I haven't try any of those two yet.

Few makeup products I purchased. First I bought Essence Studio Nail XXL nail thickener, which didn't impress me much, so I repurchased Essence Studio Nails Ultra Strong nail hardener, which makes my nails grow like crazy (31 day challenge was just too much for them and I had to shorten them). White polish is a polish I use the most and since Essie Blanc isn't really cheap I bought She 115. Then I got some Catrice stuff as well. Lipstick in shade Plum&Base and lipliner in shade Love The Way You Plum. Both are perfect fall shades and will be reviewed on my blog after I review some PR stuff. 
Catrice Feathered Fall seamed interesting when promo photos came out, but despite that I didn't plan to buy anything. Well, when I saw first swatches of products I knew I need to get some stuff. I bough eyeshadow Peacocktail, eyeliner Peacocktail and nail polish Golden Plum-e. I like everything a lot. Review will be up on my blog probably tomorrow. 

There's a new subscription box in Slovenia called Dash box. I was so curious I had to try it. I'll definitely review it on my blog next week, but first I want to try these testers so I can tell you more about them. I got full size nail polish from Jessica and samples from Lee Stafford, Pukka, Philip Martin's, Purity Intense and Tigi.

Click2Chic send me some amazing polishes and a lipstick for review purposes. I got Kardashian Beauty Buff polish and three Models Own shades Velvet Goth Amethyst, Sweet Shop Gumballs and Sweet Shop Rhubarb and Custard. They also send me Revlon Velvet Red lip butter, which is also a great fall shade. 

I got some nail stuff from Born Pretty Store. I really love their nail products, they're cheap but great quality. I got stamping plate with very interesting desings, haloween nail stickers, poppy water decals and neon studs. 

I asked Natalie from Natalie's Beauty Land if she could get me GT Cosmetics No 2 polish, which is one of my favourite and most used nail polishes. She send me not one but three bottles (there will be a giveaway, but I'm not sure yet when). She send me two more neon nail polishes from the same brand, they are number 9 and 459. For some extra she added Sephora nail stripes, Annie lipstick 19 and two eyeliners which I forgot to add on this photo. 

For the end I have few more products I received for review. Lečka send me some products that are designed for girls who wear lenses. I received black eyeliner Black and golden eyeshadow Golden Brown from brand called Eye Care. And the last product is P2 lipstick in shade Baker Street, which I received from Moja drogerija and I'm very excited to try it. 

I tthink it's about time that I start writing down what I bought during the month because I bet I forgot to mention few products. I just remembered that I forgot to add on photos two Himalaya lip balms I purchased in DM. So far I tried one and it's quite good. I also forgot to mention Catrice lash growing serum I'm testing right now and was purchased back in September as well. I'll report about results in few weeks. 

What did  you get last month? Thank you for reading!