Models Own Nail Polishes Swatches

I felt in love with Models Own polishes when I tried Polish for Tans collection. I was eager to try some more polishes since then, but buying nail polish on the internet is always tricky for me, because I have to see the shade in person first to tell if I'm going to like it or not. Recently I received three nail polishes from Slovenian biggest drugstore Click2Chic to test them and tell my opinion about them. I got from Gumball and Rhubarb&Custard from Sweet Shop collection and Amethyst from Velvet Goth collection.

Gumball is a pink scented polish with a cream finish. Its formula is nice, not to thick or too runny and it's opaque in two coats. It smells like bubble gum, very sweet and nice. I like the scent, but the shade just isn't me, that's why I also haven't wore it as a full manicure. But it'll come handy by nail art manicures.

Rhubarb&Custard is a jelly red shade with silver glitter. This one applies like a dream and it needs two coats to be opaque. This one should smell like candies too, but I have to admit I don't smell it. Right after application there's a slight scent presented, but it disappears fast, especially if I use top coat. But the scent doesn't play any role for me by this polish, more important is the shade itself and this baby is just gorgeous. I should probably start testing drying time by polishes, but I got so spoiled with fast drying top coat that I don't wear my manicures without it anymore. So  I can't say much about drying time and a duration time. As you know, polishes don't last on me longer that two days and this one acted the same, so everything depends from the fact how strong your nails are.

Amethyst is a purple shade with purple and silver glitter and bigger pink hexagonal glitter. This polish dries matte, so top coat is needed, if you want to achieve a glossy finish. I have to admit I prefer it glossy, it looks prettier to me. Its formula is ok, no too thick and it applies ok. It's opaque after two coats. This one dries quite fast, but I'd say that also depends a lot on how thick your coats are. I'd say it's better to apply thin coats, because then it'll dry faster. From all three Models Own shades this one is my favourite, because is a gorgeous shade to use for fall/winter skittle manicures. 

Each polish contains 14 ml and they are available on Click2Chic for 5,95 €.

Pred kratkim mi je največja slovenska spletna trgovina Click2Chic poslala v test tri Models Own lake, dva iz kolekcije Sweet Shop (Gumballs in Rhubarb&Custard) in enega iz kolekcije Velvet Goth (Amethyst). Gumball je pink lak s krem finišem, ki diši po Čunga Lunga čigumijih. Težav pri nanosu nisem imela, saj ima ok formulo, ki ni preveč gosta ali preredka. Kako dolgo zdrži vonj na nohtih, ne morem reči, ker ga nikoli nisem nosila dlje kot nekaj minut, ko sem ga fotkala za blog. Če spremljate moj blog že dlje časa, potem veste, da nisem ljubiteljica pink lakov, bo pa seveda prišel prav pri nail artu. Rhubarb&Custard je rdeč lak s srebrnimi bleščicami, ima pa jelly finiš. Tale bi naj dišal po bonbonih, vendar pa priznam, da ne vonjam prav veliko. Takoj po nanosu je vonj prisoten, vendar pa hitro izgine. Nanaša se super, prekriven pa je po dveh slojih. Amethys je moj najljubši od vseh treh, verjetno zato, ker ga rada kombiniram v jesenskih "skittle" manikurah (kot je tale). Je vijoličen odtenek z vijoličnimi in srebrnimi majhnimi bleščicami in večjimi šesterokotnimi bleščicami v pink barvi. Nanos mi ni povzročal težav, lak pa je prekriven v dveh slojih. Suši se mat, za glossy izgled pa je treba nanesti nadlak. Meni osebni je z nadlakom ljubši, ker mi glossy verzija dosti boljše izgleda. Models own laki so na voljo v spletni trgovini Click2Chic za 5,95 € (14 ml).

Have you tried Models Own polishes? What do you think about them? Which shade of these three I showed you is your favourite? Thank you for reading!
*These polishes were sent to me for review. /Te lake sem prejela v oceno.