FOTD: Fall Inspired (Tutorial)

I must admit I was never a fan of a fall season. It was a synonym for rain, cold weather, long sleeves etc. For about last two year I'm looking on fall season differently, through eyes of a blogger and let me tell you fall is really one inspiring season. For makeup and nail art. I mean, just look through the window at those amazing fall colors and tell me if you as a beauty blogger didn't get inspired to create at least one manicure or makeup. If you gonna look back at my last year's post I posted quite a lot manicures with fall motives and also one or two makeup looks. :)

Burgundy, gold, plum, these are just some colors that I love wearing in fall. Of course my makeup depends a lot from the lipstick I choose. I also decided to do a tutorial for this look, if any of you with might want to recreate it. I personally love this look a lot, specially because I can combine it with any lipstick, even the dark ones. If you want to see my lipstick choices for fall check my post on Meteo Beauty blog

Step 1: As a primer I used Essence I Love Stage makeup base and then I applied the lightest shade from Makeup Revolution Hot Smoked palette all over the lid. 
Step 2: In crease I applied Court in Cannes eyeshadow from Sleek Vintage Romance palette and blended it toward the inner part of my eye. 
Step 3: I used Maybelline Color Tattoo all over the lid as a base for golden eyeshadow.
Step 4: Over Maybelline eyeshadow I applied golden shade (shade 4) from Sleek Storm palette.
Step 5: In crease I applied brown eyeshadow (shade 6) from Sleek Storm palette to warm it up a bit. 
Step 6: For outer V I used black eyeshadow from Sleek Storm palette. I didn't blend it too dar into a crease, because I wanted to focus it in outer part of the eye. 
Step 7: For under the eyes I decided to use a bit more burgundy shade to add the look more fall touch, so I used burgundy shade from Deborah Milano Hi Tech 08 palette. 
Step 8: As highlighter under my brows I used the lightest shade from Makeup Revolution Hot Smoked palette and I highlighted inner corner of my eyes with shade 2 from Sleek Storm palette. 
Step 9: The final steps were to use Catrice highlighter pencil on my waterline, applying Alverde eyeliner and adding a mascara on my eyelashes. 

Products I used: 
- Catrice All Matt Plus Nude Beige foundation
- Makeup Revolution The One shade 1 foundation
- Essence Stay All Day 16h longlasting concealer Natural Beige
- Sleek Pomegranate blush
- Sleek Face Form Fair palette (bronzer for contouring) 
- Essence Soo Glow Look on the Bright Side highlighter

- Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
- Sleek Storm palette
- Sleek Vintage Romance palette
- Makeup Revolution Hot Smoked palette
- Deborah Milano Hi Tech 08 palette
- Maybelline Color Tattoo Permanent Taupe
- Alverde Extreme Black gel eyeliner
- Catrice Made to Stay highlighter pen 
- Essence I Love Extreme mascara
- Essence How to Make Brows Wow (for eyebrows)

- Essence Adorable Matt

I hope you gonna like this tutorial and try the look yourselves as well. What kind of colors do you wear in fall? Thank you for reading!

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  1. Zelo lep makeup:) Jaz tudi obožujem zlate, vijolične, rdeče, rjave odtenke za jesen:)

  2. Se strinjam s Petro. Sem pa ob pogledu na tvoj očesni makeup dobila takoj asociacijo na Naked paleto in mislim, da je čas da jo ponovno začnem uporabljat :D

  3. Uau :o Zares prekrasen MU. :) Jaz bom to jesen zagotovo poskusila vijolično šminko...iščem še pravi odtenek :D

    1. Hvala. :) Zdaj če iščeš bolj tako slivasto vijolično, priporočam Catrice Plum&Base, če pa bolj tako s pink podtonom, pa Essence Wear Berries. Za čisto pravo vijola barvo pa žal nimam pravega priporočila.

  4. Tole ti pa super paše in hvala za tutorial, definitivno poskusim nekaj v tem smislu, da malo pobrišem prah z Vintage romance paletke :)

    1. Hvala. :) Jaz jo ponavadi tudi bolj v jesenskem času vzamem v roke. :)

  5. gorgeous! i love fall too, it's a magical time of the year :))

  6. Zelo lepa, kombinacija mi je zelo všeč :) Tole šminko sem si že ogledovala pa se nisem odločila za njo, ker imam že nekaj podobnih odtenkov... :)

    1. Jaz imam tudi kar precej podobnih odtenkov (sploh od Essence), ampak mi je tale šminka prav posebna, ima od vseh najboljšo formulo.

  7. Love the look! I have to search for my gold and green and plum shadows and play :D

    1. Yay, don't forget to show what you'll create. :)

  8. ful lep MU :) Vintage Romance paletka je ravno pravšnja za jesenske dni :D

  9. Lep mejkap <3 Pa tale šminka ti nenormalno paše

    1. Hvala. :) Sedaj imaš tudi ti šanso, da jo preizkusiš. :D

  10. Amazing look, I will try it on myself thanks for sharing :)

  11. taman za jesen, svidja mi se :)