Essence and Catrice Event 2014

My dear readers, today I have very exciting post for you. On Wednesday I was invited on Essence and Catrice event for the second time. This one was bigger than last year's onem which is more exciting because that means I manage to meet more Slovenian beauty bloggers, and of course, to see again the ones I met last year. The event was happening in the While Hall in the Ljubljana Castle. Before the event we went on a caffe in Daktiri and after an hour of chatting we went together on the event. The hall looked amazing, there were stands with products all around the place and there was a table with food (which looked delicious, but I ate only sweets :P). At the beginning Cosnova team welcomed us and then there was an official presentation of Essence and Catrice brands. After presentation they told us we can pick 10 products we'll take home with us and you can't even imagine how hard it is to pick ten products in those huge assortments. I personally had a WL before already, because I planned to buy some of the products and now I got the change to take them here and test. The most fun part of the event for me was chatting with co-bloggers. I get a chance to see them in person so rarely and there are so many Slovenian bloggers I admire and I finally got a chance to meet them in person and to talk with them. It was really an amazing day. The biggest surprise followed when we were going home. Each of us got two more bags, full of Essence and Catrice goodies and I couldn't believe my eyes how many amazing stuff we got. I know I'm not very chatty today, I actually don't feel the best (I think I catch a cold), so rather take a look at photos from the event. 

Sara from Passing Fancy, me and Mateja from Mateja's Beauty Blog

Aaaaaand here they are, all the pretty products we received. It's really amazing and I can't wait to test everything and tell you what I think about each product (of course, not everything is for me, I'm going to do a giveaway soon). Each product will be named and presented in New in post (but of course if you want me to test and review a product you're very interested in as quickly as I can, let me know in a comment below).

Ok, I also have to show you my current manicure. I'm wearing Catrice First Class Up-Grape and Essence Icy Fairy over Essie Mind Your Mittens on my accent nail. Essence glittery polish is really amazing, it will definitely get its own post soon, and I also love the shade of Catrice polish, but the brush. It's just the worse, the shape is something that can't be named even if you'd try to find it a name. Catrice has to do something with brushes of their nail polishes.  

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Thanks to Cosnova for inviting me on this event and thank you for watching!