365 Day Photo Challenge: Day 265 - Day 299

I have to admit I'm so over this challenge. I have no inspiration nor ideas what to photograph. My life is boring, really, and I'm mostly not doing anthing interesting. Oh, well, but since there are only two more months I decided to finish this challenge no mather what, although my photos aren't very interesting or good.

Day 265: My new glasses.

Day 266: Colors.

Day 267: Sweets vs. fruit.

Day 268: Orchid.

Day 269: Bubbles.

Day 270: Pumpkins.

Day 271: "Ferencovo senje".

Day 272: Swirl.

Day 273: Net.

Day 274: Sugar overload.

Day 275: Sunset.

Day 276: Red.

Day 277: Couple.

Day 278: Mom did some baking and she said I have to take a photo of her dessert.

Day 279: Selfie.

Day 280: Vintage desing.

Day 281: Chinese food.

Day 282: Sky.

Day 283: Beautiful day.

Day 284: Fall leaves.

Day 285: Lonely flower in the fields.

Day 286: A biscuit.

Day 287: Shadows.

Day 288: At Cosnova event.

Day 289: Away for a whole day, but so eager to try everything in these bags. 

Day 290: All goodies from Cosnova event.

Day 291: Surprise package from MeMeMe.

Day 292: Fishes.

Day 293: Supernatural time.

Day 294: Turnišče, my home town.

Day 295: The sun really knows how to show the beauty of the day.

Day 296: Rainy day.

Day 297: Our boys.

Day 298: Beautiful decoration at work.

Day 299: It's cold outside. :(

9 komentarjev

  1. Ooo svaka čast da še vedno vztrajaš! jaz sem tudi imela neke namene delati ta izziv, pa sem nekako po enem tednu odnehala.. upsi.. drugače pa se mi zdi zanimiva ideja tisti vintage design :)) aja pa tudi mene mama ponavadi pokliče in moram poslikati kakšno njeno umetnijo kuharsko :))

    1. Hvala. Ni mi več, ampak sem si rekla, da bom dokončala, da si dokažem, da mi lahko uspe tak projekt. :)

  2. Zelo ti paše modra barva (Day 279)

  3. Are you kidding? Your photos are so pretty!!

    1. Oh, thank you, dear. <3 But I still think they are average.

  4. I think the photos are just fine and showing very well your every day life. And that is what I like about them - they feel real ;) I am pretty new here, but am enjoying your blog a lot. Keep it rolling!