365 Day Photo Challenge: Day 265 - Day 299

I have to admit I'm so over this challenge. I have no inspiration nor ideas what to photograph. My life is boring, really, and I'm mostly not doing anthing interesting. Oh, well, but since there are only two more months I decided to finish this challenge no mather what, although my photos aren't very interesting or good.

Day 265: My new glasses.

Day 266: Colors.

Day 267: Sweets vs. fruit.

Day 268: Orchid.

Day 269: Bubbles.

Day 270: Pumpkins.

Day 271: "Ferencovo senje".

Day 272: Swirl.

Day 273: Net.

Day 274: Sugar overload.

Day 275: Sunset.

Day 276: Red.

Day 277: Couple.

Day 278: Mom did some baking and she said I have to take a photo of her dessert.

Day 279: Selfie.

Day 280: Vintage desing.

Day 281: Chinese food.

Day 282: Sky.

Day 283: Beautiful day.

Day 284: Fall leaves.

Day 285: Lonely flower in the fields.

Day 286: A biscuit.

Day 287: Shadows.

Day 288: At Cosnova event.

Day 289: Away for a whole day, but so eager to try everything in these bags. 

Day 290: All goodies from Cosnova event.

Day 291: Surprise package from MeMeMe.

Day 292: Fishes.

Day 293: Supernatural time.

Day 294: Turnišče, my home town.

Day 295: The sun really knows how to show the beauty of the day.

Day 296: Rainy day.

Day 297: Our boys.

Day 298: Beautiful decoration at work.

Day 299: It's cold outside. :(