The Five Products Face Tag

I was tagged some time ago by Mateja, who has Fancy&Schmancy blog and since this tag really seemed interesting, I decided to take a challenge and do it. The task is to choose 5 products that you would choose as your travel essentials or for everyday makeup look. I admit that this task is a bit hard, because I'd normally choose more than five products, but here are five I'd use for a quick makeup in the morning, when I have to go to work:

1. Foundation
Foundation is definitely a must have for me when I'm doing my makeup. It evens out my skin tone and it makes it better looking. I love to use foundations with light coverage and Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation is the best in the bunch. I use the lightest shade Light Vanilla.

2. Concealer
When  you didn't get enough sleep using a concealer can make a big difference on your face. My favourite concealer to use is Essence Stay All Day 16 h long lasting concealer. I use it under my eyes and around my nose. It has a nice coverage and it blends easy into the skin. I combine both shades, Natural Beige and Soft Beige.

3. Blush
Do you want to give some life to your face in the morning? Use a blush, you'll see how big difference will it make. My favourite at the moment is Sleek Rose Gold, which contains golden shimmer and that means I don't have to use a highlighter, because the blush alone gives a gorgeous glow to the skin. And it makes me look healthier in the morning.

4. Mascara
Giving a volume and a definition to lashes is a must have for me when doing my makeup. A makeup look is not a good makeup look without nice looking eyelashes. My favourite mascara is still Essence I Love Extreme Volume, as you all know by now, because I mentioned this on my blog probably a thousand times. I haven't found a mascara that would beat it, yet. It gives the best volume to my lashes.

5. Lipgloss/lipbalm
I often have problems with dry lips, so a lip product that will moisturize my lips is a must have for me. At the moment I really love using Catrice Beautifying lip smoother in shade Cake Pop. It's moisturizing and it gives nice glow and color to my lips. 

If I could cheat and mentioned one more products, I'd say eyebrows and Catrice eyebrow set. In the morning I don't have much time to do my brows (I do spend a lot of time doing my eyebrows), but makeup looks much better with done eyebrows. 
I decided I won't tag anyone, but if you like this tag and you're brave enough to minimize your face makeup on only five products, feel free to do it, I'd love to read it. You can also mention me your choices in a comment below. Thank you for reading!