Review and Swatches: Makeup Revolution The One Foundation in Shade 1

When I bought a Makeup Revolution The One foundation in shade 1 I didn't plan to review it, because I got to mix it with darker foundations I own, but many of you requested this review, so here it is today.  

Makeup Revolution says about The one foundations, that they adapt to skin tone and texture, give full coverage, are buildable and dry in matte finish. Well, since the shade 1 is white and I never used it alone, only mixed with Catrice All Matt Plus foundation, I can't confirm or reject all of these statements, but what I can tell you is that it does dry matte and since it's very liquidy I doubt it gives a full coverage. This foundation is the most liquidy foundation I ever tried. At the beginning I was a bit afraid to use it, because when I squeezed it on the back my hand, it just ran off. And I also have to mention, that shaking the bottle before pouring it out is necessary, othwerwise mostly clear liquid part will come out with random foundation parts in it.
Foundation is packed into a plastic bottle, that is very soft and I wouldn't dare to wear it with myself in my makeup bag. It has a roll on lid with not too big opening, but since the foundation is very liquidy, it get's dirty fast and I have to clean it after every usage.

How I use it? First I squeeze two pumps of Catrice All Matt Plus Nude Beige foundation on the back my hand and then I add few drops of The One shade 1 foundation. I take my Real Techniques Expert Face brush and mix both shades on my hand with it. After that I apply the foundation on my face. Catrice foundation is creamy and thicker and it drys matte on my face, so the mixed shad drys matte on my face as well. The more The One foundation I use, more liquidy and brighter mixture gets. The mixture adapts nicely to my skin tone and it lasts quite some time on my face. On lower photo I made few comparisons between MR and Catrice shade with 2 mixtures. As you can see, more shade 1 I add to Catrice foundation, brighter and more liquidy it gets. I also added my favourite foundation Bourjois Healthy Mix in shade Light Vanilla, which matches my skin tone perfectly, for a comparison.

I didn't want to do a swatch of The One foundation on my face, because I'd probably look like a dead person, but I used mixture of Catrice in Makeup Revolution in few latest FOTD posts on my blog, so you can check there, how it looks on me. But for an example I'm adding one photo in this post. It's a full face makeup, but I'm not wearing any setting powder over it, only a mixture of Catrice and MR foundations.

Since we all know our drugstores don't have huge selection of foundation shades for pale girl, white foundation is definitely a great solution. The One foundation contains 29 ml and it costs 5,95 € (I bought it on Lič - here you can check shade 1), and I think it's totally worth the money. Ok, I'm not a fan of a packaging, but since this foundation is perfect for mixing with darker shades, I forgive it that.

What do you think of this foundation? Thank you for reading!