Review and Swatches: Essence Lipsticks Adorable Matt and Oh So Matt

Another weekend (or better said week) has past by when I didn't post much, but sometimes life just happens. I completely forgot to mention that last week I was a guest blogger over at Meteo Beauty, where I presented my makeup picks for fall, so definitely check out that post: CLICK. It's a post I'm very proud of and I put a lot of effort in it, so I'm specially happy that was posted on one of my favourite beauty blogs (while you're there, don't forget to click follow, Selma is really amazing).
Today I decided to talk about two Essence lipstick that were released in fall/winter assortment change. Well, they released 6 new shades (even a black one, which I need to get ASAP), and for the beginning I decided to get two shades: 14 Adorable Matt (who doesn't love red lipsticks) and 15 Oh So Matt (because nude shades are always welcome). 

These two lipsticks are from the same range, but I can't believe how different they are. Adorable Matt has amazing creamy formula, that goes on lips very smoothly and it's amazingly pigmented, while Oh So Matt feels less creamy on lips, isn't as pigmented so I apply it in two coats and it emphasizes all dry parts on my lips. The big difference is also in longevity. Adorable Matt lasted for hours on me. I wore it at my graduation ceremony and it lasted for four hours with minimal wear off (I haven't eat anything, but I did drink some water). Otherwise it fades away evenly and if I eat it looses the intensity but leaves the stain. I also have to mention, that it doesn't feel dry on lips. On the other hand Oh So Matt wears off after an hour. And when I saw wears off I mean it's completely gone, which actually surprised me, because I have one more Essence nude lipstick Natural Beauty and that one lasts longer. It also feels a bit drying on lips. These should both be matte as Essence says, but I'd say they have more semi-matte finish. 

Adorable Matt - a gorgeous classic red shade.
Oh So Matt - a nude shade, which looks horrible on me (by my opinion, I look like an ill person with it).

I checked if I have any similar shade in my stash to these two. Nude is pretty unique, while I can say that Essence already made some similar shades to Adorable Matt before, but with different finish. The closest is Na Rock, which was a part of summer collection last year and it's more shiny, while Dare to Wear, which is a part of regular assortment has more blue in it and it's not matte. I also added two matte lipsticks Bourjois Frambourjoise and Essence Silky Red to this comparison, but none is similar to Adorable Matt. 

Essence Adorable Matt

Essence Oh So Matt

Excuse my hair on upper photos, I had a bad hair day. I personally wouldn't recommend getting a nude shade, but it's your choice. I do love Adorable Matt, it became one of my favourite red lipsticks. Essence lipsticks are available in Müller, DM, Tuš drugstore, Click2chic for about 2,5 € (3,8 g).

Have you tried any of the new Essence longlasting lipsticks shades? What do you think about these two? Thank you for reading!