Review and Swatches: Essence How to Make Brows Wow palette

You can't imagine how happy I was when our Müller got big 3 m stand, because that meant all new products that were available and we couldn't get them before. Most of those I wanted were sold out, but the shelf with their palettes was full. I was deciding between blush and brow palette for a long time, but in the end I decided for a brow palette, because I have many blushes and those in Essence palette were similar to those I already own. 

The packaging of this palette is a cardboard, but it seems sturdy enough, but probably not the best for traveling. The design outside is very cute, it's brown with animal print and a cloud where the name of a palette is. Then around the box there are little paws. When you open a palette, you find a mirror inside. Thank god Essence discovered that mirrors are useful in palettes. Then there are four eyeshadows inside, three for eyebrows and one highlighter. You also get tweezers and a double side brush, but I find both products unnecessary. Tweezers are useless, because it's impossible to trim brows with them. 

Three eyeshadows for brows are called Love Blondes, Love 'em All and Love Brunettes. These are all matt, but the pigmentation is very different. Love Blondes is a light brown shade and it's not very good pigmented. This one could look good on blonde ladies. Love 'em All is a brown shade with even stronger orange undertone and better pigmented, but I definitely do not think it's appropriate for everyone. I'd say it'll look good on your if your hair is red or with reddish/orange undertone. Last one Love Brunettes is my favourite. It's dark brown shade, good pigmented and it suits my brows the best. Still, it's not the perfect match, but good enough. But my all time favourite thing in this palette is a highlighter Lift Me Up! It's a light vanilla, almost white looking shimmery eyeshadow with such an amazing pigmentation. It's a bit powdery, but I don't mind that. 

I tried all three shades on my brows. On first photo I used Love Brunettes and highlighter Lift Me Up!, on second Love 'em All and on third Love Brunettes. As you can see first two shades are too bright for me. Last one suits me the best, although here I applied it a bit more lightly. Eyeshadows for brows are definitely very nice, because they can be applied lightly and built up, they are not powdery and even after hours of wear they stay on place and don't fade away. 

And of course I also have to show you full face makeups with these eyebrow shades, so you'll better imagine, how they look on me.

And another makeup look, where I used Love Brunettes eyeshadow for brows and Lift Me Up! highlighter.

The palette contains 6 g and it's available in Müller for 6,29€. I definitely like the packaging design a lot, although I think the packaging itself isn't the most practical, since it's too big for traveling or to carry it with you in your makeup bag in purse. Highlighter is amazing and the quality of eyeshadows isn't bad at all, but it can happen than none of the shades will suit you, specially id you have very dark brows. I luckily found the shade that matches my brows (Love Brunettes) and lately I love to use it when I'm doing my makeup. I'd say this palette is very nice to play with, but if you're searching for a practical eyebrow product, it definitely isn't for you.

What do you think of this palette? Thank you for reading!