New Highlighters in my Collection

Glowy skin is something I adore during a whole year. Lately I purchased few new highlighters and today I'm presenting them to you all in one post. I though it's better idea to talk about them in one post, then review each separately. Highlighters I'm going to talk about are Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Goddess of Love, Terra Naturi Golden Highlight and Essence Soo Glow Look on the Bright Side. They are very different, so they are a nice addition to my collection.

Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Goddess of Love 
Can I just say, how cute the packaging looks. It's in a shape of a heart and it's one of the cutest packagings in my collection. This is a tripple baked highlighter, as Makeup Revolution says. It's a pinkish shimmery highlighter with not such good pigmentation as Terra Naturi or Essence, but it can be built up. It has very smooth texture and it's not too shimmery, so it looks amazing on skin. I personally find this amazing to use when you take photos. In person it's not very noticeable, but on photos it shows its true shine. You get 10 g for 5,95 €. It's available on Lič

Terra Naturi Shimmer Powder Golden Highlight
Terra Naturi is not a brand I would be very fond of. I tried few products from them and none impressed me, so I was avoiding their assortment. But Petra from Adjusting Beauty raved so much about this highlighter and it looked so amazing on her swatches, that I decided to give it ago. It's a golden highlighter with great pigmentation. You only need to apply a tiny bit of product and it's already visible. At the beginning I wasn't much of a fan, it had to much brown in it (if I compared it with Essence Gold Digger, which is my favourite highlighter), but when I tried a combination with bronzer only, I was amazed. This combination is really gorgeous and although the summer is over, I'll keep using that combo further (at least until my tan won't go away and I'll become a Snow White again). This highlighter is baked as well and it has a smooth formula as Makeup Revolution highlighter. It doesn't contain any shimmer and it blends into the skin amazing. I think this product is a part of LE, but as I saw it's still available in Müller, where you can get it for 3,99 €. You will get 7 g of product. 

Essence Soo Glow! Look on the Bright Side
This is a new highlighter in their standard range and I bought it when preview collection came out. It's my first creamy highlighter and it's in a vanilla shade. Its pigmentation is amazing and it's not streaky at all. It can be applied with fingers or a brush, but I find it easier bleandable with a brush. This highlighter is not the most flattering for taking photos, but in person it looks amazing. If I recommend using Makeup Revolution when you take photos, I recommend this one to use when you want to make your skin glowy and noticeable from far. This one does contain a tiny shimmer, which is not overwhelming on face at all. I got Essence highlighter in Műller for 2,99 € (4 g). 

Here are swatches side by side to show you how different they look. My favourite from all three is Essence. I actually never talk about longevity by highlighters, but by all three I noticed that they were still on my face after I came home from work, so they don't fade away that quickly. 

Which highlighter of these three do you like the most? Thank you for reading!