My Neon Nail Polish Collection

Today we are returning back to summer with neon shades (which I actually wear a whole year around, but I'm probably one of rare people that do that). I'm posting my neon collection, which I promised - I don't even remember how long back - so I definitely owe it to you. My collection is big and it will get even bigger, because I'm in love with neon nail polishes.  

Depend 35 - this is a true neon yellow shade, but very sheer, so white polish is necessary underneath. I think this shade is discontinued, because I can't find it in our stores anymore.
Models Own Bikini - a neon yellow polish, that has very similar formula to pastel shades. Its formula is a bit thicker, but it still requires two coats.
Flert Protein - neon yellow shimmery shade. It's also sheer, but still more opaque than Depend and it requires three coats. I received it in a swap from Serbia. These don't have any names or numbers written on the bottle.
CH Nail Lacquer 15 - a pastel neon yellow shade, very nice formula and it's opaque after two coats. It's available in Born Pretty Store.

China Glaze Sun Worshiper - this is a yellow-orange neon shade with yellow undertone and it's one of the most amazing neon polishes I own. It needs a bit more coats because of its thin brush (I usually apply three).
Color Club I Always Get my Mandarin - this one is also a yellow-orange neon shade, but it's more bright than Sun Worshiper and it contains the shimmer. It's opaque after three coats.
Models Own Beach Bag - a peachy neon shade with a bit thicker formula, that is close to pastels. I usually apply it in two coats.
GT Cosmetics No 2 - this is the most amazing neon polish in my collection. It's opaque in two coats and it applys like a butter. I received it in a swap from Greece.
Ruby Kisses Orange U Over? - a neon orange, that's opaque after two coats, but it has a horrible scent. It was available in our drugstores in the past, but now they don't sell them anymore.
Color Club Youthquake - I'd say this is a coral shade with pink undertone. First coat is strongly pink, but with second is started to look more coraly. I usually apply it in three coats.

Flert Protein - a green neon with shimmer. It has the same formula as yellow one. I received it in a swap from  Serbia.
Lovie 148 - a neon jelly shade, that's very sheer. I received it in a swap from Greece.
CH Nail Lacquer 9 - a neon yellow shade, that's opaque after two coats. It's available in Born Pretty Store.
Ruby Kisses Tropical Green - this was my favourite neon green polish until I didn't discovered China Glaze. It's opaque in two coats and it's similar to China Glaze Highlight of my Summer.
China Glaze Highlight of my Summer - a neon green pastel shade, that's opaque after two coats. It was available on Zapikonai, but I think they sold it out.
Models Own Flip Flop - this is a bit more lime green neon shade. It's definitely a special add to my collection, since it's so different from others. It's opaque in two coats. 

Yes Love K033 - a purple neon with jelly formula. Opaque in two coats. Yes Love polishes are available in Chinese stores.
Flormar N015 - I have two Flormar polishes from Neon Color collection. This one is dark blue and it's opaque in two coats.
Flormar N002 - a brighter blue neon shade, opaque in two coats. You can get Flormar in Supernova in Ljubljana.

If you didn't know by now that I'm a huge fan of neon polishes, then you know now. My collection is quite heterogeneous as neon polishes themselves are, too. You can get neon polishes, that have jelly formula or the ones, that are more close to pastel formula. Those are also more opaque than jelly ones. Some are so sheer, that require white base underneath. White base is also recommendable if you want to make neon polishes more pop out. I can't tell you how long will they last, because on my nails they last the same as all other polishes (which means they chip after a day or two). I also experienced good application with most of them. Maybe you need to be more careful with Models Own polishes, because they have thicker formula, and China Glaze, which have thin brush (I prefer wider brush). Neon polishes dry matte, so you need a top coat, if you want to achieve more glossy look. Drying time it depends from each polish and the thickness of coats, but I like to apply fast drying top coat over them to make them dry faster.
I'd say my favourites in my collection are China Glaze Highlight of my Summer, China Glaze Sun Worshiper, Models Own Bikini, GT Cosmetics No2. 

Do you like neon nail polishes? Which ones are your favourite? Thank you for reading!

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  1. Flormar N002, China Glaze Highlight of my Summer, Models Own Beach Bag so mi top!
    P.S: pri Beach Bag si se verjetno zmotila, ko si rekla, da je rumen :D

    1. Super izbire.

      Hvala, pa res, ne vem, kako. Sem spregledala. Bom popravila. :)

  2. I love the photos in this post, it's so pretty. I do not like neon polishes that much, I only have like 3-4 neon polishes...what can I say, it's just not my thing ;)

    1. I know, not everyone is a fan if neon polishes. :)

  3. amazing collection! i am a big fun of neons , too :)

  4. Fantastic collection! I think my favorite is Models Own Beach Bag, but I am a bit confused because you wrote that is a 'yellow'... isn't it an orange nail polish?

    1. Thank you. I guess I mistyped it. It's peachy shade. I'll fix it. :)

  5. I'm such a fan of neons and I really like these :-D

  6. Kakšna kolekcija ( se primem za glavo) :P Lepo, zelo lepo...

  7. lovely post, can I ask you where did you buy this fake nails display ? :D

  8. this is the most beautiful neon collection I´ve seen

  9. koliko krasnih neonaca :D meni ih definitivno treba vise u zivotu od ovih par koje imam

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