31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Day 15 - Day 21

Week three of 31 day challenge is done and now it started the worse or better said the hardest part of this challenge, inspired by, so next week expect some lousy manicures. 

Day 15: Delicate print
- Essie Blanc
- Manhattan 29Z
- Essence stamping palette

Day 16: Geometric
- Kardashian Beauty Buff
- Essie Bahama Mama
- Vollare 110

Day 17: Glitter
- Models Own Rhubarb and Custard
- Milani Jewel FX Gold

Day 18: Half moon
- Flormar 390
- GT Cosmetics 459

Day 19: Galaxies
- Catrice Lucky in Lilac
- Models Own Gumballs
- Essie Blanc
- Constance Carol Aqua Sparkle
- Essie Fiji
- Models Own Amethyst
- Essie Avenue Maintain

Day 20: Water marble
- Barry M Greenberry
- Kardashian Beauty Buff

Day 21: Inspired by a color
- Essie Blanc
- GT Cosmetics No 2
- GT Cosmetics No 9
- China Glaze Sun Worshiper
- CH Nail Lacquer 9
- Color Club Youthquake

Thank you for reading!

17 komentarjev

  1. Tokrat so mi dejansko res vse všeč, ampak bistveno pa izstopa Inspired by color :)

  2. Ta teden mi je pa najbolj všeč do zdaj :) Te res občudujem, da tako pridno spreminjaš manikure in da vse tako krasno izgledajo! :)

  3. Super :) tokrat mi je najbolj všeč zadnja, in pa prva <3

  4. Zelo lepo:) Vse so mi všeč, še posebej pa prva in zadnja. Zadnja je res barvita, ampak zelo zanimiva:)

  5. i love them all but the glitter one is my fave :D

  6. sve mi se svidjaju i uopce necu pokusavat odabrat najbolju :)