31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2014: Day 1 - Day 7

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you know I joined 31 day nail art challenge this September. I wasn't really sure about this challenge since my working schedule will be a bit crazy for the next two months, but I was thinking about doing this challenge again for the last few weeks and I just had to do it now. I won't post each manicure in its separate post, because I doubt I'll have time to do that every day, so I decided to post a recap each Sunday or Monday to show you what I did last week. I won't ramble a lot about each manicure, I'll just share with you in all the necessary informations (meaning which polishes I used for each manicure).

Day 1: Red nails
- OPI Did You 'Ear about Van Gogh
- Essie Toggle to the Top
- Essence Redvolution
- NYX Sexy Plum
- Barry M Blood Orange
- Yes Love 57
- Essie Mind Your Mittens

Day 2: Orange nails
- GT Cosmetics No 2
- Essie Blanc
- Essence studs Yes, We Pop! LE

Day 3: Yellow nails
- Essie Blanc
- Depend 35
- Essie Mind Your Mittens

Day 4: Green nails
- H&M Bella's Choise
- Essie Blanc
- Essence nail art glitter mix
- Born Pretty Store plate M71

Day 5: Blue nails
- Flormar 423
- Anny Dream On
- Essence studs Yes, We Pop! LE

Day 6: Purple nails
- Catrice Plum me up Scotty
- Misslyn Las Vegas
- purple from Beauty Uk Urban Girl set
H&M Plum
- H&M Bella's Choise
- OPI Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh
- Konad M78 plate

Day 7: Black and white nails
- Essie Blanc
- Essie Mind Your Mittens
- Golden Rose Jewel Jewels 118

And here you can see all the themes you'll see in the future on my blog. 

What do you think of these manicures and the challenge? Thank you for reading!