Review and Swatches: Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother + Comparison with Clarins Lip Perfector

Catrice has made a Beautifying lip smoother, a dupe for Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector. I think there will be 3 shades available since fall, but in current preview collection that's available in Müller you can get 2 shades. I decided to get shade 030 Cake Pop

Lip smoother comes in a plastic tube in a color of lip smoother's shade and it has a sponge applicator. I don't find it as soft as Clarins one, but still application is easy and even. When you squeeze the tube, the product comes out. At the beginning it takes a bit time or better say squeezing before product comes out, but after that the usage is simple.
Catrice Cake Pop is a peachy-coral shade. Lip smoother is quite sheer and when it's applied it gives my lips a shine and a bit of color. It looks very natural. Some people say that it makes their lips look fuller, but telling the truth I don't notice any difference on my lips. The same as Clarins Instant Nature Lip Perfector this one is also a hybrid between a lip balm and a lipgloss. It's creamy, glossy, moisturizing and not sticky. The color wears off quickly, while moisturizing feeling lasts a bit longer. It doesn't survive a meal and it wears off a bit while drinking, but not completely. Since is moisturizing, it doesn't emphasize dry patches on my lips and it doesn't smudge or anything. It has a very strong sweet scent and the taste is also sweet. 

Catrice lip smoother contains 9 g of product and I payed 3,79 € in Müller. I do think this is quite a good product for this price. Maybe the only downside it that all 3 shades look similar on lips (as you can see on Innen und Aussen blog).

Comparison of Catrice lip smoother and Clarins lip perfector
Catrice lip smoother and Clarins lip perfector are practically the same thing, despite the different name. By my opinion they are both a hybrid bewtween a lipgloss and a lip balm.
Packaging: Packaging is the same. The tube in a shade of product with a spongy applicator. But I did notice that Clarins has softer applicator.
Quantity: Clarins contains 12 g of product, while Catrice only 9 g.
Price: Clarins costs around 20 € and you can get Catrice for less than 4 €. 
Color selection: Clarins lip perfector is available in 6 shades, while Catrice only in 3 shades.
Formula: They have similar creamy and sheer formula, but I do find Clarins a bit more creamier than Catrice. They are both moisturizing, apply smooth and even, last similar time on my lips and both give my lips a natural shiny look. Both smell sweet, but Catrice has a stronger scent and taste. I also noticed that Catrice feels a bit heavier on lips than Clarins. 
Conclusion: If a conclude, Clarins is better, but differences are minimal and Catrice is definitely a very good dupe for it. If you're on a budget, I'd say get Catrice and not Clarins. Clarins is for you, if you really adore that kind of product and you don't mind paying more money for it. I personally find Clarins too expensive, specially for a lip balm/gloss, that wears off quickly. Beside that I prefer Catrice shade and lately I wear it all the time. It's great every day product and I personally would (re)purchase Catrice rather than Clarins.

Have you tried Catrice lip smoother yet? What do you think of it? What about Clarins, which product do you find better? Thank you for reading!