NOTD: Lotus Design

August is a hectic month for me. This weekend we organised a big project, called Turizem na Koušto, that lasted for three days and for which we worked two months like crazy and this week we have a camp for kids from 6 to 10 years. It's so much fun, but it's very exhausting. I really miss regular blogging, specially because I have so many ideas, and beside that also a lot of requests for post. This week I decided to post mostly manicures, because they take less time to write and during the weekend I'll be back with regular blogging, that means reviews, I have to write two tags, few comparison posts etc. I don't remember when was the last time I took photos for my blog (if I don't count nails). Another thing I need to take time for.

When I received Lotus designed stickers from Born Pretty Store I was really excited, because I love this design and I thought they will be the same as nail art stickers K1009, which I just transferred on my nails and manicure was done in few minutes. Well, the story with lotus stickers was different, because these are water decals, which means I first had to trim them by the shape of a nails, put them in the water for few seconds and them placed them on nail. I painted my nails with mint nail polish before I placed water decals on them. The application was not the best, because they are very thin and because of that they were hard to place on a nail and when I wanted to filed the excess decal, it moved because it didn't stick very well. If you're going to use water stickers on your nails, I recommend drying them before filling the excess away, because when they dry, they stay on nails. Mint polish I used here is Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet. On two nails I also added two Essence studs, because lately I'm really love wearing them and using them with my nail art. 

These water decals are available on Born Pretty Store site for $1.99. Don't forget to use my discount code if you're going to shop there, because when it'll be use two times more they'll sponsor a giveaway on my blog. :)

What do you think of my manicure? Thank you for reading!