NOTD: Geometric Neon Nails

Some time ago I shared  green nails on my Instagram geometric and a lot of people liked it. It was my first Instagram post, that received more than 100 likes, so I thought I'd share a tutorial for it with you. I didn't want to use same colors, so I used neons instead. As a base I used Essie Blanc and to color triangles Models Own Bikini and Flip Flop

This design is very easy to do. All you need is a striping tape, few polishes and some patience. First you paint your nails with selected color. It doesn't have to be white, but I personally find it for a best base, specially because I used neons. Wait that the base color drys completely. You can also use fast drying top coat, so that it'll dry faster. Meanwhile cut pieces of striping tape. You'll need two for each nail (it depends from you, how many nails will you do). When the base color is completely dry, place striping tape on your nails, so that two pieces cross. Then take nail polish(es) and fill triangles. You can use only one color (then you just paint your nails regular), two like me or even more. When all triangles are coloured, carefully remove striping tape. In the end apply a top coat to seal your manicure and you're done.  

What do you think of this desing? Will you try it? Thank you for reading!